May 9, 2011

Yesterday was wonderful - today, not so much...

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day!  It was very laid back and relaxing which is just what I needed after working almost 50 hours last week. 

Didn't you know that 50 hours = part time these days?

Ok, back to the good day!

Alex did the weekly grocery shopping for me which was very sweet despite it taking about an hour longer than normal and costing almost double thanks to unnecessary, but yummy, items that jumped into his cart!

I spent all morning playing with this beauty.  I'm pretty sure Kate's mastered her signature look - looking away from the camera with her tongue sticking out!  Watch out ANTM!

I cannot get enough of these eyes!

Alex came with us to our Sunday afternoon Gymboree Play & Music class which was wonderful!  I love watching Kate and Alex play - so yesterday was a perfect day in my book!!

Crawling through the tunnel

Looks who's waiting on the other side?!?!  Daddy!!!

Cruising around the ball pit with her friends!

Checking out the gym

Now on to the not so fun....

Last night Kate started running a very low grade fever.  I assumed it was teething. She had all of the other signs.  Swollen gums?  Check.  Fussy?  Check.  Chewing on anything and everything?  Check.

This morning she was extra cuddle and still had a low grade fever.  After her third nap of the day, I knew something was up.

I guess I should back up and remind everyone that I work part time.  And have Monday's off.  Except that I signed in to my computer due to several things that were going wrong at 9am. 

So I juggled work and a clingy baby most of the day. 

By 4 Kate's fever was really started to climb.  And I started begging Alex to come home ASAP. 

Work got crazier.  Kate's fever got higher.  Sigh.

We called the doctor and they said to avoid the ER at all costs given Kate's blood issues and low immune system.  So, as long as her temp stays below 102, we will stay home.  The on call doctor thinks it is viral which makes me nervous because viruses tend to lower your platelets.  Kate's platelets cannot get any lower with me losing my mind.

I'm guessing tonight is going to be a long night and that I will be doing lots of cuddling and rocking.  But, so is the life of a momma!

And I am thankful for every sleepless night rocking my baby girl - I just wish she wasn't so miserable.


Kara said...

Just thought you needed to know the tunnel picture is fabulous!

Kristin said...

Aww, I hope Kate gets better soon!

Christie said...

Those pictures are just adorable. And I hope Kate feels better very soon - and you get some much needed rest too!

Jennifer said...

Feel better soon Kate :(

Jessica said...

Bless her little heart! I hope she gets to feeling better soon. So what's the deal with her blood? She has low platelets?

Lindsey B said...

Jessica - she has several blood issues (low platelets, low white count, issues with her bone marrow production) but we have yet to figure out what is causing the issues.

We've been testing for 6+ months now and her doctors are stumped. Hopefully we will have answers at some point in the near future. Until then, we regularly monitor her blood levels and take extra precaution when she is sick as it can suppress her levels even more.

Nicole said...

Wow, Kate is a tough little peanut! I hope you find some answers soon, and I hope she feels better even sooner!!

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