January 24, 2012

27 Weeks - Hello Third Trimester!

Apparently my back side thinks it is pregnant too.

I can't believe I'm in third trimester!  This pregnancy is flying by - I guess that's what happens when you are busy chasing an active 17 month old!

Things have been relatively stable on the pregnancy front.  I'm finally feeling a bit better but still have days every now and then when I am miserably sick. However, mostly good days are a vast improvement over how I felt for so long so this is a welcome change!  Along with feeling better, I've started gaining weight and am up about 8-9 pounds now. 

I have my one hour glucose tolerance test this morning (at 8:30) and then an appointment and ultrasound as soon as it is done.  I'm very curious to see how big Will is now and hopefully see is sweet face!  Based on kicks and movement I'm guessing he is frank breech at the moment.  He still has room to move all around, and I'm having another c-section, so his position doesn't matter medically speaking, I'm just always curious how he is hanging out in there!

I had a few emails asking about Will's crib.  We went with the DaVinci Kalani in cherry.  I ordered if off of amazon and despite a few shipping delays, it was super easy to order from them.

I'll try to update about Will after my appointment today! 


Lindsey said...

You look fabulous mama!! And if I ever had a boy I think I'd pick a cherry finish for a crib too! ;)

Unknown said...

You look amazing! Seriously, so tiny and cute!

Kelly said...

You look so cute! I'm 26 weeks today and I think I'm triple your size. ;)

Shannon said...

You have such an adorable bump! I can't believe you are already third tri. Time sure does fly!

Anonymous said...

You still look AWESOME. :) Happy 3rd Trimester!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Jealouuussss at how GREAT you look. Seriously, the backside always grows to compensate the belly, but so unfair for us! ha. ;) You look amazing though.

Shannon Dew said...

I think you look amazing! All belly! Your arms are skinnier than mine and I'm NOT pregs!

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