January 29, 2012

Project 365: Week 4!

Better late than never, right? I've had a busy day and am just now getting a chance to link up with Laura!

Looking back at our week, we had many jammie days as Kate hasn't been feeling great due to her rash and teething. Thankfully she is feeling better today!

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Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report said...

Beautiful pictures! What kind of iPad case is that? I have a 10 month old, and I'm constantly fearful that he's going to break it.

Allison said...

Jan 27's sass pose rocks!

Lindsey said...

Great pics mama!!! Kate 's hair is coming in soo dark!! She is too cute!

PattyAnn said...

I just love her! Her hair is looking really thick. Great shots!

Lynsey said...

I love this series! How is Kate feeling?

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