January 20, 2012

Impromptu Clinic Visit

Well, our first "walk in" visit to the BMT clinic has officially happened.  I had to take Kate in yesterday due to a rash. 

On Wednesday I noticed a few red dots around/ near her right eye.  By a few I'm talking 3-5 dots - something only a super paranoid, my child has been through hell, parent would even bat an eye at.  I watched it all day and it started to spread a bit.  By the time Kate got her bath Wednesday night the dots had migrated to her chest and back.  It still wasn't bad but it was enough for Alex and I to make the call that we would bring her in Thursday morning.  We've been told time and time again that you don't mess around with fever, rashes, or diarrhea when dealing with BMT kids so we wanted her to be seen.

My initial thought was that it was just a touch of a graft versus host rash due to stopping her immune suppressant medication.  Not a huge deal - get some topical steroid cream to treat it and everything would be fine.

By Thursday morning the rash was worse but still not horrible.  I brought her in and we had to see a doctor that I'm not a huge fan of.  Kate's regular doctor is out of town which always seems to be the case when Kate has something go wrong (she was out of town when Kate was hospitalized this fall).  Well, according to the doctor, Kate's rash was normal and he refused to do anything about it.

Um, what about a 17 month old covered in a rash is normal?  I'm pretty sure that's not normal for even the healthiest of babies.  However, you can't force a doctor to write a prescription so we came home and I was told to watch the rash and make sure it didn't become "angry".  Um, ok.

By the time Kate's home health nurse arrive for her weekly dressing change, Kate's chest looked horrible, as did her eye.  He encouraged me to take pictures and email them just to make sure they still didn't want to do anything.  I agreed and was planning on calling back anyways.

Another doctor looked at the pictures and determined that the rash appears to be a fungal rash due to how the raised areas/ bumps are clustered together.  She called in meds and hopefully we are on the road to recovery!  Kate's poor eye and chest look the worst but her back is also covered in the rash.

We would appreciate any and all prayers for this rash to pass.  Fungal rashes are very contagious and can get out of control quickly, especially with a patient that has a non existent immune system.  I'm hoping we caught it early enough and it will be all clear within the next week or so!

And I'm hoping we have a nice, quiet weekend at home that doesn't require any calls to the on-call doctor due to a worsening rash!


Alyssa said...

Poor thing! I'll be praying that it clears up quickly with no other issues. Hang in there!

Lindsey said...

Sending prayers friend that her rash is gone asap!! Poor sweet Kate!!

Unknown said...

Poor baby girl!
Sending many prayers your guys' way!!

brandihiggs said...

I hate hearing this. I hate it for her and for you. Praying!

brandihiggs said...

I am so sorry this has happened. I hate it for her and for you. Praying!

Mommato4miracles said...

PRaying for your precious little girl! PRaying for fast healing, and a wonderful fun filled weekend AT HOME!!!

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