January 18, 2012

Enjoying the Weather!

We've had an unseasonably warm winter here in Houston.  It's always a mild winter but I'm talking 75-80 degrees for the past several weeks with just a handful of cooler days mixed in.  I personally love it and wish we had this kind of weather year round!

Because the weather has been so nice, and Kate is doing so well, we've started letting her explore outside a bit more and she loves it!  We've been taking her on walks in the stroller since about 1.5 months post transplant but she really is enjoying the freedom of being out of her stroller, walking around, and getting up close and personal to flowers/ plants/ leaves for the first time in her life!

Last Wednesday we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!  Kate spotted our neighbor's flowers instantly and was sure to point them out to me!

Look mom, pretty flowers!

I'm not in the stroller so I can touch them!
(Note: I totally freaked out when she touched the flower and I am fairly certain the words "no touch that could have bacteria or fungus or germs on it" came out of my mouth.  Then, I realized she had her mask on, couldn't put her dirty hands in her mouth, and we would wash them as soon as we got home.  Still, having her touch things makes me so nervous given her compromised immune system and everything she's been through.)

Going in for a closer look!

An she's off to something else!

I'm hoping the warm weather continues because it has been amazing to watch Kate explore the world she has been sheltered from the past 6 months!

I know there will be questions about Kate's mask - she wears this special filtered mask anytime she leaves the house for protection from the nasty things that float all around us!  She is really good about keeping it on and knows that if she wants to leave the house, she must sit down and let me put her mask on her.  Yes it brings about stares and questions but who cares what people think - anything to keep Kate as healthy as safe as possible!


The Morrows said...

She is adorable! I personally love warm winters :)

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

She's precious! I hope my little girl looks just like her, can't wait for us to finally be 3!


Sara L. Uckelman said...

I love the fabric covering on the mask! It makes her look like a flower herself.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I love that she's still always sporting a pretty headband even with the mask ;) She's the best dressed kid around!

Tamika said...

And when someone stares you can just explain that a really awesome person donated a precious miracle for you baby to be wearing that mask today - and it will protect that gift that the awesome person gave! :)

So glad she can get out to 'smell the roses'! :)

Quinn said...

I am just so impressed that she keeps that mask on!! What a trooper :) So glad you guys are able to get out and smell the roses..tehe.

Lindsey said...

I am envious at the lovely weather you are having!!! And Kate wears her mask like a pro- I love the fabric covers you have for it! And I think you are an awesome mama for doing whatever you need to to keep Kate healthy ! Xo

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet!

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