March 30, 2012

Less Than Two Weeks!!

Pictures taken Monday at 36 weeks!  And yes - my belly button officially
popped - I am not a fan at all.

I cannot believe we have less than two weeks until we meet our little man!  I also cannot believe I am 9 months pregnant!  A part of me feels like it was ages ago when we found out we were expecting however, a much bigger part of me feels like this pregnancy has flown by!  I guess that's what happens when you are busy helping your daughter fight for her life!

I had a great appointment on Tuesday and everything is set for Will's birth as far as scheduling goes.  We had a few changes in plans and the date was moved up a bit.  My wonderful in-laws, who will be here taking care of Kate while I am in the hospital, were able to change their flights!  I'm so thankful that they were willing to rearrange their work schedules to accommodate the new date! 

We are still waiting to hear back about my blood work.  It should be back next week and hopefully a decision will be made regarding general anesthesia or spinal by the end of the week.  While I would love to be awake for Will's birth, I know that I will be ok if I have to go under since that's what happened with Kate's birth.  It's nice to be at peace with either decision.

Look at those squishy cheeks!  He also has rolls on his arms!

I had a growth scan at my appointment and Will is quite a big boy!  He was already measuring 7.5 pounds which is about 1.5 pounds more than Kate was at birth!  My doctor is guessing he will be well over 8 pounds by the time we deliver!  We will take measurements a few days before my c-section to get a better idea!  I know many people don't trust ultrasound measurements but, my perinatologist does all of the measurements herself and she was 2 ounces off when calculating Kate's weight a few days before I delivered so I trust the she is pretty darn close with these estimates!

As far as the pregnancy goes - I'm just dealing with normal issues that come with being 9 months pregnant.  I'm exhausted, starving all the time, and generally uncomfortable all day.  However, I'm trying to ignore my discomfort so I can enjoy my last few days as a mom to just Kate.  We've been spending our days at the park enjoying the (hot - hello 90+ degrees) weather!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about adding a newborn into the mix.  I feel like Kate and I finally have a good routine down now that we can get out more.  She has a fairly predictable schedule and life has been pretty easy - especially compared to our fall and winter.  I know it will take time to find our new normal, I just hope Kate has an easy adjustment. 

We have yet another busy weekend filled with getting ready for Will, hanging out with a few of our friends, and of course enjoying time with Kate! 

Moms of 2 or more - how long did it take you to feel like you had things under control after adding a new baby into the mix?  Anything that helped make the adjustment smoother?  I'd love to hear your thoughts/ opinions!


Kim H. said...

Some days I still don't feel in control, but you just find what works best and stick to it. Be prepared though - what worked with Kate may not work at all this time. It always shocked me how opposite my boys were even just after birth.

It's an adjustment for everyone, but Kate is young and she will adjust - there might just be some acting out for attention in the process.

Kelly said...

I lost my son at 2 months old, and I don't feel like I ever really adjusted to 2 kids before he passed. However, I think it depends on the baby, too. He was very high maintenance with reflux and colic, so a lot of my time was spent just trying to calm him and soothe him. I didn't worry about a routine at all.

Anyways, you look great! Can't wait to "meet" Will!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

ah! you look incredibleeeeeee!

Ashley said...

Each stage with more than one brings its own set of new circumstances you have to adjust to, The only thing that has ever made me feel like I've adjusted - after adding Charlotte to the family and then Camille -- is to give yourself some grace, ask for help, and let go of the things that don't matter. Those things are different for everyone, but life becomes so much more enjoyable when you allow yourself to focus on the most important things and are willing to let go of (at least for a time) of the lesser things. Also, my mantra with two littles was "I can only do what I can do in this moment. I will deal with the next moment when it gets here." Best to you, Linds, you'll be great.

Lindsey said...

First of all you look amazing!!!!!! Secondly- it took me about 4-5 months to really feel adjusted but I think that had a lot to do with struggling with nursing Kelsey which just took a lot out of me and through a lot of hopes in having a schedule out the window, but I truly think you will do amazing!! Let anything that doesn't immediately need to be done wait and it will eventually happen! ;) don't forget to feed yourself! Feeding one extra mouth made me forget about eating for me which made for an interesting sequence of events ;) I'm here for ya mama if you need anything- you'll do great!!

Megan and David said...

Took 4 weeks for me to feel like Paige had adjusted (ie - stopped crying at my feet during feedings). And honestly, about 6 months before I felt like we had a schedule down. That is when the boys got on a 2 nap a day schedule, and Paige napped with them in the afternoon (and gave me a 2 hour break every day!).

You'll figure it out. It just takes some time.

Ali said...

On some days I still feel like things are out of control, but for the most part things seemed under control by 4 months. My son has had a series of health issues that have added some stress, but in general I thought the transition from 1 to 2 was a lot easier than the transition from working 9-5 to SAHM with my daughter's birth. I struggle the most with feeling like I can never give my son the kind of attention I gave my daughter and with feeling like I no longer give my daughter enough attention / quality time.

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

So close! You look great!

Hang in there! You'll find your routine.

Jodi said...

I tried keeping the older sib(s) schedule as close to normal as possible. Instead of adapting to a new baby's schedule, I have always made the new baby adapt to us. Obviously, there are certain times and situations where that just won't work, but for the most part that has been crucial for me to keep things as normal as possible. Each time we've added a baby, it's been different, but I feel like we get a good routine down within about 4-6 weeks.

You look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Now that my little one is 5 months (next week) some nights are better and day time routine is better so I think things have started returning to normal i only wish my twins would fight less :)

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