August 6, 2012

Catching up in pictures

It feels as if I am always behind when it comes to sharing pictures.  Just when I was getting caught up, my computer died which meant sharing pictures hard.  I've finally uploaded my editing software to Alex's laptop and am back up and running.  So, here is a gigantic picture dump of July!

Alex's parents came to visit for July 4th! Mr. Ricky was here for a few days and Mrs. Cheryl (my MIL) stayed for an entire week. It was HEAVENLY.  Seriously, she was such a huge help and it was nice to not wash a single bottle have another set of hands around the house!  We are so blessed that she is so willing to come out and help regularly!

Kate is absolutely smitten with her PaPaw and those two had a blast at the butterfly gardens!

"Yook Momma! Yook!"

Butterfly garden fun!

Sweet bubba jumping away!

Sometimes splashing in a puddle on the porch while blowing bubbles is the GREATEST. THING. EVER. I have been a huge stickler about avoiding germs and such over the past year and nothing is more germy that a standing puddle of water in the middle of a west nile infested Houston summer.  However I am trying to let up a bit since Kate will have zero restrictions come the end of the month.  I decided to pull out my camera and document the fun instead of cringe at the possible illnesses she might have contracted.  And I'm please to announce Kate stayed perfectly healthy after this splashing adventure!

I hope everyone has a great week - our is filled with doctor's appointments, play dates, and shopping for ballet gear! Yep, that's right, sweet Kate is starting ballet in just a few weeks! I am so excited and she can't stop talking about "dancin to moosic"!

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Vicki said...

That dress is the cutest! LOVE the first picture!

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