August 29, 2012

Four Month Well Baby

We finally had Will's four month well baby on Monday! I feel like it was way late but in actuality I was only 2 weeks behind his four month birthday.  I kept telling myself I would post his 4 month update when I had his official stats which I now have.  Too bad I never took "official" pictures- iPhone picture from his appointment will have to do!

Weight: 16.8 pounds (70%)
Length: 25.25 inches (49%)

He is getting so big! I mean look at these rolls! I just love them and will be sad when the temperature drops and they have to be covered up! Baby thighs sticking out of bubbles is one of the cutest things ever.

Here's what sweet Will is up to these days:

*Rolling both ways which means he can move around quickly!
*Taking 35-40 ounces of formula a day
*Eating two meals (lunch and dinner) of purees. Averaging THREE pouches a day.  The amount of food he consumes is insane to me.
*As of yesterday, he is getting up on all fours. Not rocking yet and definitely not crawling but he is getting ready! I'm betting he will be full on crawling within the next month.
*Exploring his voice! His current favorite noise sounds very dinosaur/ monster like.  Kate loves to walk around saying "him di-sor" or "bubba monser". She thinks it is super funny.
*Loves his sister so much! He is constantly watching her and laughing at whatever she is doing!
*Is sitting unassisted for up to a minute
*Sleep is hit or miss these days - 4 month wakeful and teething has interrupted his 12 hour nights but it still isn't too bad.

I can't believe we are getting so close to the half birthday mark! These part four months have gone by way too fast! I just want to press pause and enjoy this phase at a much slower pace!



Nicole said...

I cannot believe his already 4 months - Crazy!!!

Lynsey said...

He is growing up soo fast! I love baby rolls!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

he has gotten so big!!! and his eyes are amazing!!

Lacey said...

He is going to be such a little heartbreaker! Too Cute!

Annie said...

Will is adorable! I can't believe he's four months already!

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