August 19, 2012



Two years since I saw your beautiful face for the very first time.

Two years since I first kissed your precious cheeks.

Two years since I first noticed you had a beautiful dimple in your right check, just like you Daddy.

Two years since I became your mom.

Two years since I learned what a mother's love was all about.

Two years of fighting and advocating for your health.

Two years of learning all about you and who you are.

Two years of morphing into the parent you need me to be.

Two years of love.

Two years that tested my emotional, physical, and mental strength.

Two years of our story.  YOUR story.

Two years with YOU.

These have been the hardest yet best two years of my life sweet Kate. We been in the valley and we are finally making it up our mountain!

I cannot wait to see what our Lord has in store for you.  If these past two years are any indication, He has something special planned for you, Kate!

Happy 2nd birthday my love!



Unknown said...

Lovely. Two years wow! Happy Birthday to Kate, God's little miracle

Kristin said...

I hope Miss Kate has a happy happy 2nd birthday!

cjdubs13 said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kate!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Happy Birthday to sweet, sweet Kate!!! What a special girl you are!! Enjoy y'alls day Linds!

Gina said...

Wow. That is one gorgeous baby. Happy two years to you both.

Colleen said...

happy birthday to your sweet girl! what a gorgeous picture.

Lucy Marie said...

So precious. Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

[dianegatorfan] said...

What a sweet post! Happy 2nd Birthday to your beautiful girl!

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