April 3, 2010

Crazy Day

So, I made my first trip to the Labor and Delivery ward at Woman's hospital today. I hope to not go back until Kate has cooked a LOT longer and is nice and fat and ready to come!

I woke up this morning and didn't feel right but got up and called to vet since Sadie needed to get in to get groomed. I dropped her off at the vet and headed home. When I got home I noticed that I was having lower back pain and tightening in my stomach. I started realizing that it kept happening so, I started to time what I assume were contractions.

By 9:30 they were coming every 10-15 minutes and were not comfortable so, I called the afterhours line at my clinic and was told if they didn't slow in 45 minutes to go to the hospital. They got a bit better but, didn't go away so the on-call doctor wanted me to go in just to be safe.

I called Alex (he was out kayaking in Galveston) to let him know what was going on and headed to the hospital. The hospital was great - they were expecting me and I walked right in to a room. I had maybe 2 or 3 contractions the entire time I was there. Almost everything checked out great but my urine sample showed some bacteria. Apparently when you are pregnant a UTI can cause contractions.

So, I got a script for antibiotics and was told to limit my activity this weekend. I am so glad it was something minor. I was freaking out there for a bit as I am well aware that 18 weeks is WAY too early to start having regular contractions. I will call my doctor on Monday and probably have a follow up this week.

Thanks to all who kept Alex, Kate, and I in your prayers!


Megan and David said...

So glad everything is okay. NO more close calls like that - okay?!? : )

Mel said...

Listen here Kate, you stay put. :)

MJ said...

I am so glad everything is OK.

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