April 4, 2010

He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia

Happy Easter!

Alex and I had a pretty low key day this year. After sleeping most of yesterday due to my contraction ordeal, I managed to get up this morning and get ready for Church. We were visiting a new church (that just so happens to be associated with our #1 daycare center).

The service was nice - more of a coffee house feel than a "church" with round tables set up to sit at, a coffee bar, and breakfast available. Lots of young families, which was nice to see! It was obviously a contemporary service - the band was a bit over the top for my taste but I really loved the minister. I find that a lot of preachers at very contemporary churches give more of a motivational speech rather than preach from the Bible. But, this guy gave an awesome sermon and preached straight from Luke 24. It was a great Easter message!

My Dad is a minister (and one of the best preachers I have EVER heard) so, I am hard to please when it comes to delivering a message. It is a big deal that I was impressed!

After church we came home and I realized I had over done it. I was having random contractions so, Alex set me up on the couch and I haven't moved much all day.

I sent him to the grocery with our list - 1.5 hours and almost $200 later, Alex came home with all kinds of unnecessary goodies! He cooked dinner and has been doing a good job keeping me off of my feet.

I am very anxious to see what my Peri will say about this weekend’s activities - I'll be talking with her in the morning.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I am so excited that this is my last Easter longing for a baby to bring to church in sweet Easter clothes. Next year is finally my turn - and I can promise you Kate will be decked out in a smocked dress and bonnet!


kim said...

I didn't know your dad is a minister! I love that! And like you, I am picky when it comes to ministers and sermons. Probably why I still haven't found a church I can call "home."

Happy Easter! Can't wait to see Kate in her dress and bonnet next year!

Beanie said...

It's so easy to over do it, isn't it? And what's crazy is that we don't even realize it's been done until it's too late!!

Glad Kate decided to stay where she is for a bit. ♥

A style blog said...

Happy Easter! Glad everything went ok with you and kate. Take it easy for now.

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