April 8, 2010

Random Things I Ponder

So, I have a lot of random thoughts going through my head - I figured I mine as well get them out!

1. Who will Kate look like?
This has consumed many of my thoughts as I am seriously confused as to what Kate is going to look like.  Alex has very strong Native American Indian (also known as First People - did you know that's what they want to be called?  My MIL is a First People so she knows this stuff!) blood in him and I am very pale and Irish.  I was a blonde haired, blue eyed child that wore lots of sunscreen.  My FIL (father-in-law) is also Irish and has a fair complexion and red hair.  We also have red hair on my side (my grandfather, sister, and nephews are all red heads).  This is where the confusion comes in - who will win?  I know the First People genes are STRONG but, Alex has to have recessive genes in him given his Dad's traits are recessive and I have them as well given the fact that my parents are not carrying both dominate traits since my sister is red headed and I have blue eyes (both of those are recessive traits).  Yeah, I have thought about this way too much - thank you freshman biology (and Mrs. Freeland - the best biology teacher EVER) for my limited knowledge of dominant/ recessive genetic traits!

Any guesses?  So many combos - dark hair/ dark eyes, dark hair / light eyes, light hair/ light eyes, light hair/ dark eyes, red hair / light eyes?  I am seriously at a loss here and it is driving me CRAZY!!

2. When will my first night of good sleep be?
I am already not sleeping well.  I know parents get excited about their children sleeping through the night (STTN) but, right now, I am getting excited about the first time I will STTN.  It just doesn't happen anymore.  Will I put Kate in the nursery to sleep my first night as a mom?  Will it be when my mom or MIL are here visiting and I give them night duty?  Will I even be able to shut my brain off enough to sleep if someone else is watching my baby?  Hmmm....

3. Will they allow me to have sushi and a vodka tonic at the hospital?
I promise I am not a lush.  But, something about a good vodka tonic with extra lime sounds very appealing to me right now (and has for most of the pregnancy).  Do you think Alex can sneak in some Vodka and make me one as a thank you for birthing his child?  Maybe Sus or Melissa can sneak some in?  I need to think this one through a bit more!

4. Do maternity pants exist that don't give you a diaper butt?
Seriously, all maternity pants have a huge saggy butt in them.  Please let me know if you have found some that don't.  I really think maternity pants makers think all pregnant women gain weight in their belly, butt, and thighs.  Not this pregnant lady.  So, please offer me something that looks halfway acceptable.

5. Will I be a mean bitty during labor or be calm?
I think my sister would put her house and every penny she has to her name on the "mean bitty" bet.  However, I am thinking I just might surprise some people and be very atypical Lindsey by giving up control for the day and just go with the flow.  After all, I have not the slightest clue when it comes to birthing a baby.

6. Can I get my doctor to write me out of work early?
This is by far the most important of all of these thoughts.  I am already over work.  I am not very motivated and I am just tired all of the time making me a pretty useless employee.  I am hoping to get a solid 2-3 weeks at home to unwind prior to Kate's arrival.

7. Is it worth it to wear cute shoes but suffer through lower back pain?
The answer to this question every morning is "YES Lindsey, wear those precious platform, peep toe pumps with the 4 inch heel.  You will feel awesome in them which will make your day better". 

The answer every night is "OMG Lindsey, what were you thinking.  Swollen feet and a sore back are so not worth wearing cute shoes.  No one sees your feet - you just sit at a desk.  Wear flats tomorrow." 

However, I never seem to remember the prior night's convo with myself the next morning and I repeat the circle all over again.

Ok - I'll stop before any of you that don't already think I am not right in the head start to feel that way!


Melissa said...

I will most definitely use my ninja skills to bring you a vodka tonic! It's not like we can toast Kate's arrival with water!

~Brit said...

The answers I said in my head:
1) Honestly, you will never get a solid answer on this. However, I can give you this one and it will somewhat peeve you... Kate will look like sweet beautiful little Kate.
2) Good luck getting a good night's sleep while pregnant. Didn't happen for me. Also, the first time Kate sleeps through the night, you will likely wake up anyway and freak out that she hasn't woken up... it's a mommy thing.
3) Sushi yes, vodka--no idea. Let me know what happens with this one.
4) NO such thing as maternity pants that make your butt look good. I HATED those absolutely terrible things.
5) I'm sure you'll stress about making sure you have everything more than being mean (I have seen the wrath of Lindsey but I also know the extremely organized side as well)
6)Absolutely try this. I had a week or so before Madelyn and it was a very smart thing to do.
7)Nope. NOT AT ALL. Sometimes pain tramples beauty.

Not that I need you to take everything I said to heart, just thought you'd like to know what my silent answers were :) Either way, you'll be a wonderful mom and Kate is VERY lucky to have such a great mommy--and daddy.

Lindsey B said...

Brit - you make me laugh. Your responses are probably spot on. After years of seeing each other on a daily basis (at both our best and worst times) you can read me from a mile away!

~Brit said...

Glad I could give you a laugh :)

Kristin said...

you crack me up. My husband and I are complete opposites as well and he has all the dominant traits and I have all comepletely recessive traits, even down to my hitchikers thumb. I just know our baby is going to be a mini-me of him!

Danielle said...

Maternal America makes the best maternity jeans ever. No diaper butt at all. You can find them on and :o)

Also, the creator of Spanx makes maternity leggings that smooth everything out and make your booty look good. I found mine at Motherhood for only $20.

Unknown said...

I'm having so much fun reading your blog that I would almost love to have another baby! ALMOST...but not quite :) I did feel a little like I was lurking so wanted to leave a comment. Your questions are great, but I will not spill my non-PC answers on here! Good luck girl!!

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