April 1, 2010

Today's Appointment!

Everything looks great!

Kate is still a girl (but I couldn't resist pulling one over on my sister and calling to let her know that Kate magically grew some "parts" and was now a boy - thank you April Fool's Day) and was looking great! She is weighing in at a little over 6 ounces and is about 6.5 inches long. Sweet thing has a precious profile too (I will upload her latest picture when I get home).

My blood pressure was great but I didn't gain any weight at all. My doctor wasn't too happy with that but, I don't know what else I can do. I am eating LOTS of food - I can't help that healthier choices are more appealing to me these days. So, to try and appease her and Alex, I ate a hamburger and fries for lunch. We will discuss our weight gain plan at my next appointment in 2 weeks if I am still holding out at 4-5 pounds gained.

The biggest discussion of the day was about Kate's birth. Due to some complications that I had early in this pregnancy, I am having very irrational fears regarding stillbirth, my emotions during the laboring process, and the fact that our closest family member is a 7 hour drive away (with my parents being a 2.5 hour flight away). I am having severe anxiety over the fact that I may not have the support system I need during my labor and delivery and just needed to let me doctor know how I was feeling.

My doctor is amazing and listened to everything I was concerned about and told me not to worry at all. Given the complications I had early on, and all of my emotions/ feelings about the laboring process, we will be inducing labor at 38 or 39 weeks depending on the doctor's schedule to ensure she is available to deliver Kate.

I know some people will want to vocalize their opinion on this and quite frankly I don't care what anyone thinks about MY birth plan. I am doing what is best for me, my family, and my daughter. So, please don't waste your breath trying to convince me that the rate of needing a c-section is higher with an elective early induction, or how evil a c-section may be. The only people that have the right to voice their opinions are Alex, our family, and a handful of close friends that know the extent of the complications and issues that I have faced during this pregnancy (and I have the right to ignore them too)!

Lastly, I have to have an echocardiogram done on my heart next Tuesday due to a pre-existing heart condition I have so, if you could keep me in your thoughts that would be great - I just hope everything still looks good with me so I can keep on growing little miss Kate!!


Mel said...

1. You are in my prayers for your echo, please let me know how it goes.
2. I'm very happy to hear Kate is still Kate & love that you got Lauren.
3.You are absolutely 100% right about it being YOUR birthplan. You need to do what is right for you honey, and I am sure that you & Alex haven't come to this decision abruptly. I support you in what ever choice you make.

4. 18 days! WOOT!

~Brit said...

So glad to hear things are still going good! I 100% agree with you and the fact that you should do what's best for you and Alex and Kate. I'll be praying that things go well with your echo and, of course, looking forward to the next update!

Lauren said...

I'm just not going to voice my "onion". I will say - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't write your birth plan down -- keep it in your head! Once you type it out and bring it to the hospital, you might as well print some C/S consents as me on this one - oh, and your nurse will love you for not having a plan printed out.

Lindsey B said...

I saw the "onion" in stead of opinion last night - off to change it.

And I have no desire to write anything down. I hate when people tell me how to do my job so why should I tell L&D how to do theirs?

Also, my plan is simple "get Kate here safely and alive by any means possible". Easy peasy!

kim said...

You know I support your decision to have Kate when and how you want to. I will never understand people who think they have the right to chastise someone over their "birth plan." It's such a personal thing, ya know?

I'll be thinking of you when you have your echo done...

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