April 6, 2010


Ok - so I am not sure if this classifies as a "craving" or not.  If so, then I guess I retract my previous statements about cravings being fake.  However, I am not in a " I will die if I don't get milk" state so I am thinking this is just my body telling me I need more calcium or maybe I have a problem admitting I may have been wrong. 

So, back to milk.  I have never been a fan - yes I like my cereal to not be hard and crunchy so I use milk and yes I think chocolate milk is yummy (but honestly, who doesn't)!  But, I have never been one of those people to just pour a glass and enjoy it.

Until Sunday!  Alex was on the phone with my MIL (mother in law) and she said I need to be drinking milk.  I think I replied with "you have lost your mind, I don't drink milk".  Um, I take that back.  I apparently do now!  Alex went to the grocery and got me the good stuff (well not the super good stuff but 2% instead of skim) and I am loving it!  I have gone through a half gallon in about 36 hours!  It is such a yummy, filling snack!

So, whether it is a craving or my body telling me I need more calcium, I am loving this new development.  And, at least it isn't something like chocolate.  Milk is healthy and I am so glad about that!!!


Jenn said...

I was NEVER a milk drinker...until I was pregnant, with both boys. And when I was nursing Tucker, I couldn't get enough chocolate milk.
Sorry, babe, you are having a pregnancy Enjoy!


A style blog said...

I was waiting for the day you'd have to eat your words!

MJ said...

You don't have to admit you were wrong (although we all know you were;)

Do what your body tells you it needs.

~Brit said...

Well atleast you're wanting something good for you!

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