June 23, 2010

Pregnant Lady Dinner

Well, it looks like my aversion to meat is back in full force.  I went weeks during my first trimester without consuming any meat and after tonight's dinner, I think my body is reverting back to that mentality.

Here's what I ate for dinner:
  • 2 tomatoes - my MIL brought me some amazing tomatoes from MS when they came this weekend - they are so delicious and I cannot stop eating them.  She is so wonderful that she is bringing me more tomatoes this weekend since I will see her at my baby shower.  MS tomatoes are the best ever!!
  • Mexican rice - We ordered take out from our favorite Mexican place a few days ago and had some rice left over!  It was delish!
  • Squash - again courtesy of my MIL.  When they were in town this past weekend she cooked a wonderful dinner on Sunday while I sat on that couch - I'm so blessed and thankful of everything she did (and does) for me!  I ate all of the left over squash tonight.
  • Sweet Potato - I put some in to bake when I got home from work and enjoyed one tonight.  Also very delish.
  • Skinny Cow Ice Cream bar - need I say more?
My dinner was so yummy and exactly what I wanted - even though it was very random.  I'm wondering how long this anti-meat kick sticks around!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I just started hating meat again too... how strange! I haven't really wanted to eat anything besides mass quantities of fruit and vegetables.

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