May 29, 2010

My poor knee!

So, I apparently have the ability to never apply sunscreen evenly.  I had issues in Hawaii when I forgot to sunscreen past my ankles and ended up with super burnt feet.  I also forgot a streak on my face one day and enjoyed a crispy forehead for the rest of the trip.

Well, I apparently missed my left knee today when applying at the beach.  Seriously people, how to do miss your entire knee when using aerosol sunscreen?  No where else is burnt but my knee.  I have major issues that I need to figure out prior to Kate getting into the sun!

Here is my poor red knee - it hurts so bad! 

We had a great day today in Galveston!  One of the other girls there was pregnant and is due in December so we had fun talking about babies!  We got to talking about where we lived in town and discovered that we are practically neighbors - she and her husband live about 2 blocks away from us!  I am betting we will have strolling dates in the neighborhood if the Houston winter isn't too bad this year! 

I'm so glad that Alex and I went today!  We don't have many friends that have babies just yet so, it was wonderful to meet other couples that are at the same stage as we are in life right now.  I have been praying for friends with kids who would understand what it is like to transition to "family" and think these new friendships may be an answer to those prayers!


MJ said...

I worry that I will completely forget to put sunscreen on the babies all together.

~Brit said...

Yay! I'm so happy you guys have found some friends who will understand what having a baby means! That's such great news! Also, I have accidentally missed a spot or two on Madelyn while putting on sunblock and have felt TERRIBLE! It's bound to happen atleast once....

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