May 6, 2011

Happy Girl!!

Kate has been in a wonderful mood today!!

She woke up bright and early ready to go!

We headed to music class where we got to catch up with Lori and Noor!  I am so sad that we only have a few more weeks with them before they move to Holland.  I am selfishly praying that her husband, also Alex and also an employee of the oil and gas company my Alex and I work for, is relocated back to the states in a few years. 

After music class, Kate and I headed to Texas Children's for a hematology appointment.  She had lab work and did so good.  I am so happy that she no long screams bloody murder when she gets her blood drawn but, I am sad that she has dealt with so many blood draws and now knows how to cope with them.

She is such a social butterfly and was giving all of her nurses big smiles for nurse appreciation week!

When we got home, Kate played hard!  We worked on her balance a bit and she practiced standing unassisted for a while!  Her biggest problem is that she loves to bounce and dance around which causes her to lose her balance!

She also spent a lot of time crawling and cruising around the living room!

We also took some pretty pictures!!

I really don't think her eyes could be any prettier!!  I dreamed about a baby that had my eyes (light blue) and Alex's complexion.  Obviously, that dream didn't come true.  But, my hazel eyed baby girl that is a spitting image of her daddy is so much more perfect than any child I ever dreamed about.  I am so, so blessed!

I hope all of my mommy friends have a wonderful weekend and a great mother's day!


kim said...

Love her outfit! And you are getting good with the camera and editing.

I just installed PSE9 and don't know where to even start. Sigh. ;)

Steph0518 said...

That last picture of Kate is beautiful!!!!! And I have hazel eyes too, but they are no where near as gorgeous as Kate's! She's just precious! :) Have a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

Adorable! Her outfit is so cute too.

NicB said...

Happy early Mother's Day to you! I hope you have an amazing day!

Christie said...

What a pretty girl! Her eyes sure are gorgeous, and it looks like you're getting used to your new camera pretty quickly! The pictures you take are turning out beautifully. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day Lindsey!

Megan and David said...

I was the same way with Paige - I wanted her to have her dad's blue eyes. Hers are dark green/light brown and they couldn't be more amazing.

Plus, our girls can dance with their daddys to brown eyed girl at their weddings : )

She is so gorgeous, Lindsey. I really can't get over it.

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