May 4, 2011


Total randomness...and it isn't baby related!

*I had a "brownie in a mug" and red wine for dinner.  I blame my insane work schedule this week on my choice of fine food!  I am also choosing to believe that said dinner was calorie free due to the amount of stress I am currently under.

*I have decided to possibly start using the Twitter account I have had for ages.  Feel free to follow me - I make no promises to actually tweet.  Nor do I promise to be interesting and talk about things other than my child because blogging, facebooking, texting, and talking about her all the time just don't seem to be enough.

*I am in the process of starting a new blog specifically for product reviews and giveaways.  There is nothing on the page yet but, I will share the link when it is up and running.  I want to make sure this blog maintains its original purpose - to serve as Kate's baby book!

*I was at work for 11.5 hours today.  And, when I left, I only had 12 hours before I would be returning to the office.  In case you are wondering, financial stewardship is not fun when it is time to report quarter results.

*My friend Katie got a new kitten and we are going to meet her this weekend  I am probably too excited about this!

*I have officially gotten on with the BlogHer Network so expect lots of reviews, book club posts, etc on the new blog I mentioned above!

*My sister needs to start a blog.  HINT HINT.  She was a great blogger when Graham was younger - she's funny, creative, smart, witty, and a fun person to stalk read about!  I'm pretty sure y'all would love her.  And all of the amazing things she makes.

*American Idol was good tonight!  I am not a fan of James (he is way too full of himself) but love Haley!

How is everyone else?  Lots of randomness in your life too?  I can't be the only one who needs a vacation and a tropical drink with an umbrella....


kim said...

I love you, but can't stand Haley!!!!

Angela said...

I feel the randomness....and the need for a vacation. My trip to Miami was less vacay and more babysitting, so I need some time to relax!

Loving the pictures with your new camera!

Megan and David said...

David and I are over American Idol now that Casey is gone. We are watching Relapse on A&E, then going to watch Pawn Stars, then get in bed and watch Cash Cab.


Love you!


Unknown said...

I don't really keep up with Idol but I've watched it a few times this season & I really like Haley. I need a vacation so bad it's not even funny! Don't get too tired at your long days at work!

Jessica said...

I just realized that I was logged into my husband's gmail account when I posted my last comment. But anyway that was me, not Thomas :)

Ashley said...

I think we all need the recipe for the brownie in a mug!!

Cat said...

Hi Lindsey! Just saw your tweet. Sorry, I'm not good at reading those direct messages. maybe I don't have it set up right to notify me. But, I would LOVE to do a blog design for you! email me!

Emily said...

1. I follow you on Twitter now. I just got it the other day. Most days I forget I have it.
2. Have you talked to Erika any about the new blog? I think she does BlogHer... she is sooo good at it! Good luck!

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