July 28, 2011

Family Pictures!

We had family pictures taken in June with our amazing photographer (who is now a sweet friend of mine).  Melissa wanted to make sure we had some family picture that captured Kate now, pre-chemo and pre-transplant!  She was so gracious to drive down to a fun playground in the Houston Heights to capture us playing with Kate!

I got our CD of images when Melissa took Kate's birthday pictures and I have so many favorites!  I've tried to narrow it down but, I still have tons I want to share!

Swinging with Daddy!

So much sass!

Pretty much how the entire morning went!
Kate avoiding Melissa,  Alex smiling, and me trying
to get Kate to look at the camera!

Sweet girl!

My favorite family picture ever!!

Look at those teeth!

Love that girl more than words can describe!

I just love all of these pictures so much (and I think blogger doesn't show just how amazing they are)!  So glad to have these and can't wait to have a few printed for Kate's hospital room!


Shannon said...

Ok those are all so gorgeous! I think the 5th one down is my favorite picture I have ever seen you post of Kate. She looks so beautiful! The family shots are precious. These are going to make great decorations for your room in the hospital, I really hope it brings some cheer. She is going to be stealing everyone's hearts in that place. :)

Abby said...

These are beautiful! The one of you looking down at her while you are all on the can just see your love for her pouring out :)

Nicole said...

Gorgeous! Love them all!

Unknown said...

All of these pictures are just gorgeous!!

Keep Calm and Have a Cosmo said...

Gorgeous pictures.

I did a double take because my daughter (who just turned 2) is named Kate. She has the exact same dress and wore it for her one year professional portraits last year. Crazy coincidence :).

Best wishes over the next weeks and months. You are in my prayers.

Jessica said...

These are great! I especially love the last one! She's looking so big too!!

Mel said...

She is so adorable Linds! I know a little Roo who loved that park! Many prayers to you. xoxo

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