July 1, 2011

iPhone picture dump!

Ok, I'm attempted to blog from my phone! I hope this works because updates will be so much easier if I can do them from my iPhone!

I take so many pictures with my phone and just wanted to share some of them! I know I need to update about Kate - and the donor search. I've started the post but it's still sitting in draft folder and I will post it soon!

Ok onto the pictures!

We spent time at our friend's house last weekend! They have a beautiful pool and by little water baby loved it! We stopped at Walgreens on the way there to pick up a float for Kate. Best $10 I've ever spent! She loved floating all around the pool!

With Daddy!

We had appointments at TCH Monday. Kate got nice and comfy in her stroller with her leg kicked up!

Playing with mommy!

Kate got her first pedicure! I ordered our Piggy Paint from my friend Felicia at

Kate now makes a cheese face when I pull out the camera or my phone but it looks a little angry! I promise she is happy!

Kate and I spent the morning at the pool at Danielle's apartment! She had such a blast and Danielle is going to start taking her during the week!

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!!

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Christie said...

I love the face she's making in the highchair pic! So glad you guys are enjoying the beautiful weather!

Kristin said...

Ah, that pool looks like heaven. Love her little piggies!

Ashley Paige said...

Haha!! I love her cheeser face! So stinking cute! And that smocked bathing suit? There is NOTHING cuter!!

Barb said...

Kate's "cheese face" is the cutest thing ever! Love the painted piggies too! Glad you guys are having some fun!

Jen + Jeff said...

Adorable! My sister got Leila some "Piggy Paint". Going over there tonight and am inspired to give it a try.

Jenn said...

Kate's "cheese face" is fantastic! Love it.

Jessica said...

What a fun week! Averly got her first pedicure this weekend too! :)

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