January 7, 2012

iPhone Picture Dump!

I have some "real" pictures to post but thought I would do an iPhone dump of our week!

Kate got a ride in one of our suit cases that was out from our trip to Mississippi! Funny how something so simple is so fun to a child!

Sibling jealousy has begun. Kate thinks the infant carrier is hers. I'm certain she will try to sit on Will while he is strapped in at least a million times.

Will and Momma met with up Auntie Sus for a much needed pedicure which meant I actually looked decent and left the house to go somewhere other than TCH, Kroger, or Target! I got this tunic from Old Navy and love it!

I've eaten my weight in this chewy, fruity goodness.

A certain little girl refused to look at the camera. I love this dress so much! It was part of her Christmas gift from Colt- a fellow BMT baby. I think his mom just wanted an excuse to shop for a baby girl!

Kate got the rare treat of a bath in the big tub! Her central line can't get wet which makes bath time hard. We've mastered the quick dip and wipe down. However, this week I decided to let her play in the tub for a while. It was the night before her weekly dressing change so I wasn't too worried about the possibility of things getting wet. She had a blast!

Kate had a photo shoot...of herself. I guess she's learned how to flip the camera to the front and take selflies. Now to work on smiling!

We twirled until we couldn't stand!

I finally took the time to organize the mess of toys Kate has! I still have a few more things to do but, it already is so much more manageable!

Kate enjoyed the beautiful 75 degree weather we've been having and pulled out summer clothes!

And enjoyed her dinner so much last night that she just had to lick every last crumb from the bowl!

We've had a good week over here! I'm about to make no bake cookies, Alex is out fishing (and has a kayak full of fish!), and Kate is in a great mood! I know this weekend is going to be a fun one!

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kim said...

I love her smile in the 2nd bath picture. Just so so happy! Sweet girl.

Nicole said...

Such a happy post- you look amazing and Kate is looking wonderful. Hope you guys get to enjoy a beautiful weekend together!

Unknown said...

She is just SOOOOO cute!
And I totally agree - the simplest things keep the little kiddos so happy!

Lindsey said...

She is just sooo precious ! I love these pictures and how happy she is- a wee bit jealous of your beautiful weather! You, mama- look AMAZING!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! I can understand wanting to have an excuse to shop for a girl. :) My SIL has twin daughters but she has such different clothing styles then me that I don't waste my money. I know she'd just give the clothes away!

Anonymous said...

Those pics are so cute! I love the self-photo shoot :)

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Maria said...

Just found your blog and I admire your honesty, strength, and courage. You have a beautiful family! Congrats on the pregnancy :) Can't wait to keep reading and watch your family grow. God bless you and your family.

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