January 15, 2012

Project 366- Week 2

Over the past two weeks, I've been hearing about Project 365 (or 366 this year since it's a leap year) all over twitter and blogland.

I decided to jump on board this week as I love the idea of capturing a picture every day for a year. I'm sure 99% of my pictures will be iPhone pictures that just capture a little bit of our daily life but, I'm excited to have these memories documented!

I'm linking up with Laura this week as she is hosting a weekly link up for everyone to share their week in pictures!

Sarah did an awesome post with several great tips about participating in project 365 from your phone! Be sure to check it out - I'm using all of them today!

So, here is our week in pictures! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Haha! January 12th is priceless! Love it. I've seen a lot of people using that app...that's really convenient! I'm glad you're joining in. :)

Karen said...

Super cute baby bump! How did you get the pictures from your phone to look like mini scrapbook pages?? It looks awesome.

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