April 16, 2010

I'm so Excited!!!

Whenever I say “I'm so excited" I am instantly reminded of the Saved by the Bell episode where Jessie is addicted to caffeine pills and starts singing "I'm so excited, I'm so, so scared". Classic SBTB episode! Anyone else think of that?

Ok, on to why I am excited!

My Mom will be in Houston for 3 days in approximately 3.5 hours! I am super pumped about this. I haven't seen my momma since January and I am in need of a fix! We have big plans for the weekend that include registering, seeing The Last Song, shopping a bit, and many more fun, girly things!

I hear she is bringing some goodies for Kate and I cannot wait to see them!!!


A style blog said...

Yay. My mommy's coming over to make me lunch and keep me entertained.

No matter how old or pregnant I get I can't get enough of my mommy.

MJ said...

Nothing like mom coming to spoil you and Kate:)

Have a great weekend with her!!

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