April 22, 2010

"It feels like a worm."

Here's a little story for y'all!

I think I have mentioned before but, I can feel Kate's kicks from the outside and have been trying to get Alex to feel them too. Well, Kate is stubborn (hmmm, I wonder where she gets that from? It couldn't possibly be from her angelic mother - haha!) and always stops kicking as soon as Alex puts his hand on my belly.

Last night though, Kate was kicking away and I told Alex he could probably feel one! About 3-5 minutes after putting his hand on my belly, he felt it. And he said "It feels like a worm." Um, I'm not sure what about a kick feels like a worm but, apparently it does to my husband! It made me laugh as that is just so typical of Alex to say something like that!

I'm glad his first feeling of his daughter reminded him of a worm!

Another funny Alex story.

At brunch this past weekend, he decided to announce that he wouldn't be calling the baby Kate - he would call her Katie. Fine, no big deal. But, I asked why. And he said, "because Kate reminds me of Kate Gosselin and I just can't call my baby that."

Um, thanks honey.

So, let's all pray that I don't birth a worm that comes out sporting the reverse mullet a la Kate Gosselin.


A style blog said...

Lmao. Ok, I've gotta side with Alex on this one. When I feel Isabella it sometimes feels like a little worm or parasite inside of me is wiggling around from one side to the next.

I just refered to my child as a parasite. How bad of a mother am I?

~Brit said...

haha, leave it to Alex!

The Jones Family said...

OMG!!! Reverse Mullet!!

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