April 27, 2010

Our Sweet Pups!!!

So, I'm pretty sure most of y'all know that our fur babies go to doggie day care at least 2 times a week.  Sadie started when she was a wee little pup back in 2008 - and boy was she tiny, momma was scared to leave her.  Sweet little thing she was.  Just look at this cuteness:

Fell free to notice my small thighs and waist as well - hopefully I see that again at some point in 2011.

Our dogs attend Happy Tails Doggie Day Care right near our house and love it.  Here in Houston, it is harder to get your dog in a good doggie day care than it is to get your child into a reputable day care center (I kid - kind of - but the day care post for Kate is coming and let's just say, that whole situation stresses me out).  You need a referral from a long standing family, will be put on a wait list (one of my co-workers waited 6 months to get her English Bulldog George into Happy Tails), and your dog has to be temperament tested prior to acceptance! 

Sadie thrived at doggie day care and was awarded dog of the week in September 2008 (at less than a year old - over achiever like her momma) and is just loved by all of the staff.  She loves going to day care!  She is queen of the Romper Room and loves to sit on the futon and either let other dogs hop up for a nap or give them a not so nice look letting them there is no chance they are taking up precious futon space.  Some may call that bossy but, I just call her a natural leader!

Needless to say, Sadie girl was not a happy camper when her brother bear took over the house AND started going to day care with her.  It was a rough few months with the two of them getting adjusted to each other but, they are best buds now!  And, according to our favorite Happy Tails employees, they love playing with each other at school.  And Ollie loves protecting his big sister - they are known as "the twins" - I'm guessing b/c they look almost identical (they have the same parents just different litters).

Today, when Alex picked them up from school, he was told to check out the Happy Tails Facebook page for some new pictures.  We did just that and oh my - the cuteness is just unbearable!  I just have to share.

Sadie and Ollie

Sadie, Oliver, and Bonnie (a school friend)


So, there you have it - yet another reason to think that I might be a little crazy.  But, could you resist loving these dogs either?  I am scared to see what I am like when I have a real baby instead of just fur babies - Kate doesn't know what she is getting into!!


kim said...

So cute!! And I love that their friend is named Bonnie. LOVE!!!

Megan and David said...

So adorable! I love my puppies too. They went to Camp Bow Wow before I quit my job : )

I must warn you: they take a big back seat once the NEW queen comes into the house!!

Beanie said...

Holy crap! That one of the two of them is a total framer!!

Lauren King said...

Okay, found your blog. Love it. Love your adorable doggies, your cute little baby belly, and the fact that ya'll are being blessed with this baby. Congratulations!!!

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