March 23, 2011


I am so thankful for Danielle because she remembers to bring out new toys/ things for Kate.  Kate has a great library but I totally forgot about it!  Danielle brought out a bunch of her books (specifically her board books and touch and feel books) this week and Kate loves them!

When I got home today, Kate was enjoying some light reading.   She read the back cover of the best seller Touch and Feel Puppy to make sure she wanted to read the full story.

Then, she gave the book the standard taste test

Next she let me know I was disturbing her book selection process.

Apparently it passed because she wanted Daddy to read it to her!

She appears to really be into the "touch and feel" books so I ordered her two more tonight!  We have these two headed our way!  Thanks to Amazon Prime, they will be here Friday!

I can't wait to read these!  If you aren't familiar with the "That's not my" line of books order a few - they are so funny!!

And because I know Kate's grandparents and Great MaMaw would love to see these, here are a few pictures from yesterday!  Kate loves to stand - and she is officially crawling everywhere!

Love this sweet girl!


Max said...

Her faces are TDF!!!!!
I have the pony book, naturally, my mom got it for her! Books are a hit in our house, we read a bunch of them when she is in the tub!

Christie said...

I love all her little expressions!!

Jen J. said...

OMG, she is getting soooo big! What a cutie pie! Love how she's giving the book the standard taste test! My little Amaya does the same thing to just about everything!

Jessica said...

She is just the cutest thing! EVERYTHING goes straight to Averly's mouth also!

Nicole said...

That smile! Love it!

Nicole said...

I just love her smile!
And we love books, too - Whenever people want to buy G stuff, I tell them books. You can never have too many!

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