March 13, 2011

Purple Glove Dance: Mississippi State

I urge all of you to watch this:

For those of you not aware, I am an alumni of Mississippi State University. 

Many of my fondest memories happenned in Starkville, MS.

I met my husband there my freshman year of college.  I made some of the best friends a girl could ask for during my days as a student at State. 

State has the ability to be a big SEC scool that somehow maintains a small feel.  I serisouly think I know the majority of the people I walked across the stage with at graduation.  Not sure how, but I do.  Something about the junction and the drill field bring people together (and let's be honest, the lack of bars in Starville has you rubbing elbows with your fellow students Thursday - Saturday nights).  We have a bond.  We are State. 

This past football season was especially hard for us.  Nick Bell, a young and promising starter on our football team tragically died of aggresive cancer. 

Nick went from a starting defensive end on a nationally ranked football team, to losing his life to aggressive cancer in five short weeks.  Five weeks.  He was 20 years old.

Heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe the emotions of loss the State family coped with. 

The Purple Glove Dance was made in an effort to raise both awareness and donations for Relay for Life.  This year, Mississippi State students, faculty, and staff put on their purple gloves to dance in memory of Nick Bell and all other members of the Bulldog Nation that have lost their fight to the horrendeous desease known as cancer.

The video I have posted is in a contest to win $5,000 to donate to Relay for Life.  To win, the State video must have the most hits of any PGD videos by July 31, 2011.  By clicking the video, you are helping fight for a cure.

I know winning this contest would mean to world to our devestated Bulldog family.  And, knowing that a donation was made to fight the desease that took one of our own would be a great start to the 2011 football season.

Thanks y'all!


Max said...

Brought tears to my eyes and laughter all at the same time. Beautiful.

Mind if I post on FB?

Lindsey B said...

Please do!

The more views, the better our chances of winning!

J.Mo said...

Added it to my FB as well. <3 Thanks for sharing.

Nicole said...

What a great video! Posting to FB also!

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