March 18, 2011

Kate & Willie

My in-laws flew in this morning for a visit.  We headed to the zoo after we picked them up and got there a few minutes before it opened.  It was crazy busy since it is the last Friday of spring break but, we managed to have a good time!

We headed straight back to the African Safari area in hopes of beating the crowds and kids who where mesmerized by all of the animals in the front of the zoo.

Our plan worked!!  And Willie, the youngest chimp at the zoo, greeted us!

He was totally smitten with Kate and flashed her a big smile!

Then he tried to play with her and made some funny faces!

He flashed Kate another smile

And then something caught their attention

I think Willie & Kate are BFF.  It was too funny to watch them interact! 

We continued on to a few other exhibits.  Kate fed some giraffes.

Watched the rhinos with Bebe and Pawpaw

And of course looked cute while doing all of the above!

We had such a great time!! 

I wonder if Willie will remember Kate when we head back to the zoo Monday?!?!  Kate and Ella have a play date with the animals!  I am looking forward to it!


Jennifer said...

Soooo cute! I can't believe how social and funny those chimps are. They were pretty hilarious at our visit too, but not as much as they were with Kate. She must have that special charm :).

kim said...

That chimp is amazing! And Kate is too, of course!

Christie said...

I'm so happy you guys had a great time at the zoo! I was cracking up at all the faces Willie was making at Kate - BFF's!

KariBeth and Josh Gentry said...

Oh my gosh that is AWESOME!!!

Courtney said...

That is more than adorable! What a cute moment - glad you captured it!

Shannon said...

The pictures of Kate & Willie are SO cute! It looks like she has made a new pal! I wish our zoo was a bit closer, such a wonderful way to spend the day.

~Brit said...

I LOVE this! How adorable are those pictures :) I totally agree with them being bff now! Seriously cute!!

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