March 27, 2011

Hangin With Daddy!

Alex has been busy outside today working on how he is going to haul his kayak in his new truck - the new truck that is still sitting in Detroit.

I could go on and on about the mess that has been getting this truck.  Alex ordered a 2011 Ford Raptor in November.  His truck was built the week of Valentine's Day.  However, in true Alex-trying-to-get-a-new-car fashion (his GTO came from Australia - and the first one came with a wonky paint job.  So we waited on car #2 to makes its way on a container ship, clear customs, and make it to MS) the truck was placed on quality control hold for a reason that Ford isn't giving out.  In fact, I think all of the Raptors currently in Detroit are on the same hold.

Sidenote: If you are scratching your head wondering why he needs a baja racing truck (ok not quite a baja truck but close) in the city of Houston, join the club.  However, Alex is the first to point out that I entered into this marriage knowing he likes to have different vehicles.  So, I shut my mouth and accept that he will have a truck that is excessive super fun and different.

We've sold his Yukon.  And his GTO is back in Mississippi.  So, Alex is driving a loaner truck from the dealership that is trying to accommodate a frustrated customer. 

Thankfully the truck he is driving (a nice, brand new F-150) has the same bed as his truck.  So he is figuring out exactly how he will transport the kayak to the Gulf.  He has a pretty neat rig going on and I think it will to be much easier than it was to load the boat up on top of the Yukon.

So back to the real point of this post...

While he was outside today, Kate joined him for some quality daddy/ daughter time.  She loved sitting in the kayak!!

And she intently watched everything that Alex did!

She also sat in the bed of the truck for a little bit!

I think Alex is excited that Kate loves being outside so much! 


Max said...

Brian has all these outdoor plans for Em too. These guys had to be stuck with girls huh?? LOL

MJ said...

She looks like she's even trying to row in one on the pics:)

kim said...

Love the pictures! I didn't know Alex was getting a new truck. Cool!

Christie said...

Love the kayak pictures. I have a feeling our girls are going to learn how to be one of the guys! And what a sweet truck that Alex ordered (Derrek would be a little jealous!)

Megan and David said...

Her hair is lightening up a bit, or perhaps it just appears that way in pics. She is just a doll, Lindsey. I know you are enjoying her tremendously.

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