March 20, 2011

More Fun at the Park!

I am really loving the fact that we have a fun park just a few blocks away from our house!  It's never busy and the baby swings are always open - a perk of living in an urban area that is populated mostly by singles and DINKs.

We headed to the park yesterday with Alex's parents and explored the play set.  Kate had such a good time but we weren't there long because it was so hot (it was well over 80).

I took 112 pictures - no joke.  I think I have issues.

Anyways, I ventured into the world of collages so I could share our park fun without uploading 398454 pictures to blogger. 

I also love that Danielle, our nanny, takes Kate to the park almost every day!  Danielle loves exploring and letting Kate explore!  She is such a blessing to our family!


Megan and David said...

I love the collage! What program do you use?

Lindsey B said...

I used picasa!

NicB said...

I love the collage! I am jealous of all the outside time that y'all get. Max loved being outside, but alas is now stuck indoors with the 20 degree weather.

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