March 14, 2011

Kate's New Favorite Pastime!

Standing at the coffee table and beating on it.  Drives momma crazy!  But, she looks so cute doing it!!

Here's a funny story about the table beating. 

Last night she was beating on the coffee table driving Alex and I crazy.  Kate was grinning, and beating the table - almost like she knew how annoying it was so Alex jokingly said, "You need to stop beating on my coffee table."

I proceeded to remind him that the coffee table was from his bachelor days and that his parents bought it for him years ago. 

So that meant the table was technically Bebe's coffee table . 

And, I am willing to bet that Bebe would let Kate beat on anything - especially a coffee table at our house - so the beating continued!


Erin R. said...

Haha. I can totally picture this conversation!

BRob's final frat house piece of furniture was given away to a lady here at the office. She gave it a total overhaul. IT was a two drawer nightstand. She added legs and inset embossed tin on the drawer fronts. Glazed and changed pulls. Wish I could be that creative!

Christie said...

Do you have a never-ending supply of absolutely adorable dresses in Kate's closet?! Such a cute story! And I am still in awe of how well she's standing!

Lindsey B said...

Erin - we have one college piece of furniture left. It is horrible but is holding lots of crap I don't want to sort through!

Christie - Kate has way too many Spring/ Summer dresses and bubbles. I'm talking probably 75+ in her closet right now. So yes, it seems to be a never ending supply!

Sammy said...

you have quit the advanced little one. Bless her heart shes so precious. You have one georgous and smart baby.

Max said...

Love that child! I need warmth here so Em can start rocking her dresses!!! Em likes to stand too, no beating on the coffee table yet though..LOL

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, C started doing this a few weeks ago and while sometimes it's cute, it does drive me a little batty. He beats on everything!

Elizabeth said...

She is adorable! I cannot believe how big Kate is getting. What a sweet girl!

Elizabeth (from Gymboree)

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