March 21, 2011

A Playdate with Ella!!!

Kate's morning started off not so fun.  She had an abdominal ultrasound of her liver.  Hopefully we will have good results/ news at her GI appointment next week!

But, thankfully, our day turned around because Kate and I had a playdate with Felicia and Ella this afternoon!  Felicia started reading my blog a few weeks before I had Kate - and I promptly linked over to hers and started reading too!!

We finally got the girls together today at the zoo and I had a great time!!  Neither Felicia nor I realized just how hot it was so we both were burning up in jeans!  My shoulders are so burnt - the heat and sun are out in full force! 

Kate and Ella getting to know each other!  And, a great picture of Felicia and her sweet girl!  I love all of Ella's hair!

Felicia took this wonderful picture of Kate and I!!!  And don't have many of the two of us so I especially love that she did this for us!

I caught Kate's new favorite pastime with the camera today - she is into spitting.  So lady like, right?  She isn't blowing raspberries - she is straight up spitting - at the dogs, at her toys, in Alex's face.  It's very unbecoming but makes me laugh so hard.  And when she sees me laugh, she spits more.  I've got to get a hold on myself and not encourage undesirable behavior!

Kate also thought it would be fun to eat leaves...and pollen. 

We have also mastered standing while holding on to something!  Kate can also pull herself up onto her knees!  She is not quite pulling up to a standing position but I know it will happen soon! 

And, she is officially crawling everywhere.

She got a nice bath in the dog bowl this morning.

Feel free to give me the "Mom of the Year" award at anytime.

We can't wait to hang out with Felicia and Ella again - I foresee lots of Children's Museum playdates this summer to avoid the crazy Houston heat!!


Nicole said...

That is a GREAT picture of you and Kate! I could just pinch those cheeks of hers!

KariBeth and Josh Gentry said...

Kate always has the cutest clothes!! Good job mama! We have a membership to the zoo too (because my husband is military), I'd love to meet you up there one day!

kim said...

Love the picture of the two of you. Gorgeous girls!

Lily had a piece of dog food in her mouth the other day. MOTY over here!!!

Christie said...

The collage of her little feast of pollen and leaves cracked me up!! So happy you had a great time at your get together, and keeping Kate in my prayers always!

Emily said...

It's cute pictures of Kate like those that make me want a little girl! Precious. Husband and I are coming to Houston in June for a wedding at Hotel ZaZa. We will be sans Eli but maybe we could squeeze in a dinner or something!

Unknown said...

Love the new collages you're doing!

Jen J. said...

The picture of you & Kate is SO cute! Love her little hairbow. :)

SWV said...

Love all the new photos!

Jessica said...

Wow, I had a lot of catching up to do! We've had so much going on I haven't even had time to log into Blogger! I love the park pictures! My favorite is the one with her little foot sticking up! So sweet!

We went to the zoo last week also. It was perfect weather for it! That is so neat that you got to meet up with Felicia!

Praying for good results from her GI appointment!

I got the car seat cover from Etsy.

I will tell you that I love it & it was very well made, but I ordered it before Christmas & just got it a couple weeks ago. She said the first one got lost at the PO & she had to ship another one...if I were you, I would read the feedback before ordering-something I didn't do & wish I did bc apparently most of her items get "lost" in shipping. BUT if you are willing to wait, it is great! Ha!

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