May 4, 2010

Can You Tell a Difference?!?!

I realized this morning that I was wearing the same dress I had on for my 13 week belly picture.  So, I thought I should do a comparison and did what any logical pregnant lady would - marched my pregnant self to the full length mirror in the work bathroom and took a new picture today!  I made sure no one came in as to avoid getting the side eye from any of my co-workers (most of which do not know I am pregnant so they would really think I was crazy).

Can you tell a difference?
13 weeks

One day shy of 23 weeks

I have come to terms with the fact that I will most likely never have a big, cute bump.  The grass is always greener right?  The small girls want to show more and the girls showing want to show less!  I will be very happy that I am tiny when it is 100+ degrees outside and I am waddling all around!


Mrs. Grant said...

You def have a cute bump growing there!!!

~Brit said...

Please tell me how it is that most of your co workers do not know you're pregnant. I mean, you aren't huge, but you certainly have the little baby bump. What, do they think you just ate way too many cupcakes or something?

Lindsey said...

Well, the people on my staff know. But, there are a lot of people that I just see in the hallways that I don't directly work with - and they still just give me weird looks.

I only look pregnant in certain things so, I think some of them just think I am getting fat!

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