May 17, 2010

Today's Appointment!

I had an appointment today and it went wonderfully! 

I had some nerves before this appointment - not really sure why but, I just had this feeling that I was going to get bad news.  I'm so glad that my feeling was way off! 

Here are the stats:

Weight gain: Up 2 pounds (so 11.5 pounds total)
Blood pressure: 110/60
Kate's weight: 1lb 12oz (which puts her in the 61st percentile for size)

My weight gain was still the most worrisome topic as I am not averaging the 1 pound per week gain that my doctor wants to see at this point.  However, since Kate looks good and is growing appropriately, she isn't too worried just yet.  She said we will address weight gain if Kate falls below the 50th percentile in growth as that would mean my lack of weight gaining is impacting her ability to thrive.

I had a growth ultrasound today (I get those every other appointment) and while my doctor was doing the ultrasound she flipped over to 3D!  We didn't get any pictures because Miss Priss wouldn't sit still long enough to freeze a frame but, we saw her sweet face. 

Baby girl is rocking some chubby cheeks that I want to pinch already! 

I'm so glad everything is looking good - I go back in 2.5 weeks!


MJ said...

SO glad Kate is looking great. I am so jealous you got the 3d, can't wait to see our little ones.

A style blog said...

Yay! Grow baby grow! I told ya it would be fine.

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