May 14, 2010

Cookie Queens

My team took a day off from the office grind yesterday and headed out into the Community to do some volunteer work.  We had a great time!

We left our office around 7:45 and headed to The Center - a campus for adults that are mentally handicapped.  The Center takes every level of mental handicap person and has activities for all ranges of mental capability.  They even have on site work for those clients capable of doing things such as stuff envelopes, put together cardboard boxes, etc. 

Every morning, around 700 clients are either dropped off by family members or bused in via the Metro bus for activities.  I was astounded at the number of people that are benefiting from such an amazing center.  I have several family members that are mentally handicapped and it was amazing see how a dedicated facility can better an effected person's life.  I will admit that it made me a bit sad that all of my family members do not have resources like The Center available near them.

One of the major fundraisers for The Center is selling cookies and baked goods - this program is know as Project Gingersnaps.  Our tasks yesterday were to package cookies into metal tins, seal them up, and then attach decorations (made by the handicapped) to the top.  Our group packaged over 900 tins of cookies while there (and ate some cookies too!). 

My friend/ co-worker Courtney and I snapped a picture looking super awesome in our hairnets before we got to packaging.  No judging - I had to get up extra early and haven't been sleeping well - so, I apologize for my bags the size of Texas.

I am so blessed to work for a company that promotes Community Service.  Over the past three years, Alex and I have dedicated funds to the UWoGH and are actively involved in leadership opportunities.  We have visited multiple sites that benefit directly from our support and hope to continue to help the Houston community through donating both our time and monetary resources!

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~Brit said...

You look awesome in a hairnet! BUT, I don't suggest becoming a lunch lady just yet! Anyway, so glad to hear your company is so supportive and commit to donating to such great services. Jeremy and I really need to actually "get in there" and be more hands on with our charities.

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