May 2, 2010

There is a Crib in My House!!

And that just seems totally crazy - yet totally awesome at the same time!

Alex and I put it together this afternoon.  I wish I had more pictures of it getting put together but, the process required 4 hands and I haven't quite trained the dogs to take pictures!  Here is a quick one I took with my iPhone!

This is not where the crib will be - it will actually be on the wall to the right of where it is now.  But, we still haven't cleared out our guest room so, a queen sized bed is still taking up the majority of the space! 

You can't really tell here but, the crib is actually an antique white, not a bright white.  It is so gorgeous in person and I cannot wait to get the bedding, clear the room, and see everything come together!  It is exactly what I wanted and I am so glad we splurged - I know I wouldn't have been happy if I would have settled for something cheaper that didn't really match the "feel" I was going for!


Momma Wilson said...

Crib looks so pretty! I love it:)

~Brit said...

Can't wait to see the room when it's put together! It is going to be fit for a perfect little princess :)

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