May 19, 2010

Three Years Ago Today...

I sat on the phone while getting my hair done talking to my groom (who was stressing me out by drinking with all of his groomsmen at the hotel pool - yep, they all had raccoon eyes)

Then, I got ready with my girls

And relaxed with a glass (or 3) of Bubbly

I wiped away a few tears in the limo

And hyperventilated my way down the aisle with a death grip on my Dad

But was instantly at peace when I held my Groom's hand for the opening prayer

I said the most amazing vows to the most amazing man

And became Mrs. Alex Louis Boggan!

We celebrated as husband and wife to the tune of a bottle of bubbly and some Maker's Mark in the limo!

Danced to Elvis

Had a blast with our friends and family

Second-lined in true New Orleans fashion

And started the life I have always dreamed of!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Alex!  We have made some amazing memories, clung together during what I hope to be the hardest times of our life, travelled, explored, loved, and laughed!  And now, we will venture down this new road called parenthood!  I couldn't ask for a better partner to start this new journey with - and I couldn't ask for a better Dad for Katie (called her that just for you!). 

I love you and cannot wait to see what the next 3 years has to offer!

These are all pulled off of Facebook - sorry the quality isn't that great! 

And pregnancy hormones have me crying just writing this!


A style blog said...

beautiful wedding! Congrats again and I wish you many more!

MJ said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Jami Balmet said...

Wow! Your wedding dress is very beautiful!!! And congrats on three yaers!!

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