May 10, 2010

Random Thoughts from a Pregnant Lady!

So, I have a bunch of random thoughts and figured I would just lump them into one big, random post! 

1. The Grocery Store on Mother's Day
I am a creature of habit and do all of my grocery shopping on Sunday early in the afternoon.  I have tried out many different times and days and this is the best combination for my particular store.  There are always 3-4 wine tastings (which I hate to pass up these days but do), we have live music to entertain us while shopping, and there are not many people there.  It makes for a wonderful experience.

I am also a big time planner and write my list out in order of the store layout and only go on aisles that have something I need.  I am a serious shopper and am not afraid to run over your unruly brat of a child sweet little one that is throwing a fit on the cereal aisle because he wants the Lucky Charms testing out how comfortable the tile flooring is.  Ask my Mom - she came with me once and had a deer in headlights look the entire time - but, we got in and out with a week of groceries in about 35 minutes.

Ok, on to my latest observation.  Never again will I go to the grocery store on Mother's Day.  I learned the hard way that most husbands decide to give their wives a break on the big MD and let them stay home instead of brave the grocery.  And they bring all of the kids with them so Mom has a few minutes of peace and quite.  This leads to a very crowded grocery store filled with men and children that haven't a clue of how to efficiently shop for anything.  And buggies filled with the most random crap you have ever seen.

Lesson learned, I will never shop with the husbands and kids on Mother's Day again.

2. eBay
I have never been a big time eBay shopper.  That is, until I found out I was having a little girl and have visions of her only wearing smocked dresses, bubbles, and outfits for the firsts 10 years of her life (ok, not really 10 years but until she can fight me on what she does/ doesn't wear).  Since I want to stay married and not go broke want to remain fiscally responsible, I have discovered the wonders of "New with Tags" on eBay.  It is smocked clothing heaven - brand new dresses and bonnets for a mere $15.  New bubbles that Kate's chubby thighs can spill out of next summer for $3 (yes, $3 - that is insane to me).  So, I have officially gone crazy with my eBay bidding!  We should have tons of new outfits arriving in the coming weeks and I am so excited!   And, Alex is excited that I am no longer buy the $80 smocked dress that our daughter will wear one time. 

3. Shower Invites
So, I am a bit of a control freak and have a Type A personality to the tee (did I really need to make that statement?  I'm pretty sure everyone that has ever met me knows all of that by now).  Well, because of this, I was actively involved in picking out invitations for my first shower (that will be in my hometown).  I don't plan on being involved in anything else but, I love paper products and wanted a say on the invites!  They are absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait for my guests to get them in the mail!  I will share them after they have arrived safely to everyone invited!

4. Red Food
I realize this morning that I am apparently have a thing for red food.  Case in point - my bag of goodies I packed for today: strawberries, red jello, ruby red grapefruit, and spaghetti with red sauce.  I guess I crave colors?

5. Maternity Pictures
I cannot decide if they are worth it.  Part of me wants pictures of Alex and I before we become a family of three and the other part of my thinks it is a waste of money to pay a professional to take pictures of my at what I hope to be my heaviest ever.  Please share your opinion on this.

That's it for now...see I told you it was random!


Megan and David said...

I think maternity photos are fine for some people, but they aren't my thing. I didn't take them, and don't regret it fora second. I would so much rather spend my money on pictures of my actual baby!

David was thrilled, as he thinks pictures of husbands kissing the belly, making a heart shape around the belly, resting his head on the belly, etc... are ridiculously cheesy, and I happen to agree.

However - sometimes I think they look cute. But I didn't last time and won't this time!

~Brit said...

I didn't have ANY photos of myself pregnant with Madelyn. I mean NONE. I hated being pregnant and didn't want to remember it. I truly do regret it. Not because I want to see myself (or my belly) but I know Madelyn would like to see it one day. I agree with previous person and totally think they look cheesy. But, if you think you may in the least bit want them one day, do it. Even if it isn't with a professional. Let us know what you decide!

I also think your "color" cravings is odd and rather intersting...

Allison said...

Maybe if you aren't sure if you want them then have a close friend or family member do them for you. My DH and I don't have the funding to get them done and I didn't get any done with my DD and I truly regret it. I was too young and immature to know what I wanted and didn't want. Looking back I don't have any pictures of me pregnant with DD and I'm sad about that. Fortunately I just found a family friend that is willing to do our pictures for us!

Lauren said...

Um so apparently my comment didn't go through last night. I say that you and A bring a few coordinating outfits and I take pics while you are here.
Um, totally not surprised that you crave colors...I am sure that your outfit matches your craving for the day as well...but I have known your control-freakish-nature for far too long! :)

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