May 22, 2010

Hello from Florida!!!

Hello from sunny Florida!

We are having a great time hanging out with my family and celebrating my Mom's birthday!  Too bad we have to leave tomorrow afternoon to head back home!  While I will be sad to leave, I am excited to see my pups tomorrow!

Here's a recap:

We got in super late Wednesday night after almost missing our flight out.  We got stuck in some major unexpected traffic which lead to us arriving at super long security line at IAH about 45 minutes before our scheduled departure.  Thankfully, our flight was boarding a bit late so we were good (and flying first class so we didn't have to fight the masses for overhead space for our luggage). 

The flight was fine - other than needing some additional lumbar support for my back.  Continental has new in-flight Direct TV so I watched a movie (When in Rome - pretty cute) and then the last 15 minutes of American Idol to see who got voted out. 

We didn't get to my parents house until almost midnight and I was beat.  I slept so good that night - and slept until 10:15 Thursday morning - it was AMAZING to sleep that long.  After waking up and getting ready we went to lunch, ran some last minute birthday errands, and got ready for dinner.

We had a family birthday dinner at The Melting Pot.  Alex and I had never been and it was a fun experience.  The chocolate was by far my favorite of all of the fondues.

The Birthday Girl and Dad at dinner!

Alex, Graham, and I - Graham is seriously cheesin' it for the camera!

My (big) little brother Justin and nephew Miles
My sister and her husband were with us as well but they managed to stay away from the camera.

Friday morning we headed to Animal Kingdom for a day of fun!  It wasn't too hot which was wonderful.  However, I was pretty warn out by mid day and needed a break in the shade with lots of water to catch my second wind.  We rode several rides, saw several shows, and saw tons of animals.  The Finding Nemo show at AK is amazing.  Also, one of the big Gorillas on the African trail had a baby 11 weeks ago and she was carrying all around - it was too cute!  We ate dinner at Downtown Disney and picked up a few stuffed toys for Kate at the largest Disney store in the US (and possible the world). 

Taking a rest at Animal Kingdom - you need sunglasses to not be blinded by my super pale legs.  (Also, I look abnormally huge here - like I am way taller than Alex or something - not sure what's up with that.)

Graham and I on the River Ride

Dad about to get soaked!

Miles waking up from his nap!  And, the only picture I have of my sister - she was behind her camera most of the day!
We had plans to go play putt-putt after Downtown Disney but I literally could not move. I was exhausted, my feet hurt, and my entire body ached so we headed back home - I was asleep in the car within minutes!

We were up early this morning getting ready for Mom's party at the house.  We had a Louisiana style Shrimp boil and it was yummy! No pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face!

Like I mentioned, we fly out tomorrow and I am sad this trip is coming to an end - but, I am glad to be heading home soon to see my pups and return to a normal, boring pregnant lady routine!  I am exhausted from all of this excitement from the past few days!!

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Mel said...

Linds. Just a few things....

1. You are so stinkin' adorable.
2. You never mentioned your brother was such a cutie.
3. I miss you terribly.

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