May 4, 2010

My Mom is AMAZING!!!!!

I got a surprise package in the mail today! How my Mom managed to not mention that she sent a box full of bedding is beyond me seeing as we talk at least once a day but, she keep her lips sealed!!

I came home to a HUGE box and was so excited as soon as I saw the return address. It was filled with all sorts of goodies - the bumpers, drapes, sheets, tons of super soft sleepers for Kate, a personalized Nursery Rhyme Book (my Mom makes these on the side - I will have to do a post all about her business), cute burpies, and a maternity top for me! See, she is amazing!!!

I got busy trying to get the bedding on. But, let me tell you how hard it is to get bedding on a crib that doesn't have a mattress. I wanted it in the right place so supporting it with the mattress spring thing just wasn't cutting it! I managed to get in on half way decent and LOVE it! I also took one of the drape panels and made a fake crib skirt just to see what it would all look like. The skirt isn't done yet - it needs to be hemmed to the height of the crib so Mom was waiting to get the measurements from me!

So, here it is - the first glimpse of the bedding in the crib! Please note that I am bow challenged meaning I cannot tie a bow to save my life. I have a lesson on bow tying 101 scheduled during an upcoming visit to my parent's house so hopefully I will be able to re-tie everything with beautiful bows soon!


Close up

With fake skirt - the actual skirt is this fabric but is very full
and the fabric is gathered

Lovie gives her approval!

Now I just need a mattress, the skirt, a rod to hang the drapes up with, and a cleared out room (i.e. no guest bed) and I will be on my way to my, I mean Kate's, dream nursery!!!


MJ said...

I love it!! I am bow challenged too so it made for an interesting time when we had tied bows on every one of our wedding invites that we did by hand:)

Love the ticker too:)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! And yes, your Mom is amazing.

Mel said...

Linds that is more beautiful than the swatches you showed me! Good job Mother Cruise!

A style blog said...

Adorable! Momma's got lots of talent baby!

~Brit said...

I don't know how I managed to miss this post yesterday. The bedding looks great in the crib! Your mom did a wonderful job! I am also positive that it will not only be your dream nursery, but that Kate will absolutely adore it! So glad things are coming together so nicely :)

shay said...

How exciting I love getting mail!! Beautiful bedding!!

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