October 22, 2010

Two Months (a few days late)!!!

I can't believe Kate is already 2 months old!  We all know about the excitement we had on her actual two month birthday so, I think she will forgive me on day for not taking her official 2 month picture until she was 2 months and 2 days old.

I tried to get a cute one but most of them turned out like this:

I no longer feel guilty about taking pictures of my screaming child - because she literally screams  And yes, it is October and my child is wearing a summer outfit.  The highs have been anywhere from 88-90 this week so we are wearing all of the cute summer things that were too small during the actual summer months.

I did manage to get a non screaming picture.  However, Kate is clearly telling me to stop putting that camera in her face because she doesn't feel good.

Here's what we've been up to in month 2:

*Kate weighed 9lbs 13.5 oz on her 2 month birthday

*She "woke up" this month and is super curious - she always has to know what is going on and loves to look around.

*She follows voices - especially Alex's and tries to look for him when she hears him talk

*She started sleeping through the night.  However, we now have to wake her at least once to feed her until her spitting up issues are resolved.

*She loves to stand.  The few minutes (I'm talking 45 minutes total a day) that we have of happy time is usually spend standing.  By standing I mean I am holding her body and she is putting weight on her little legs.  This is on the way to our house as we speak so she can stand and play:

I know she is too little for it now but I want it here for when she is ready!
*The easiest way to sooth her during her screaming fits is to hold her really tight/ close and walk around the house.  So, we also have this coming our way:

*Kate finally started smiling but she is very stingy with giving them out.  And, she loves to put on her pouty face when I bring the camera out to try and capture her smiles!  I love her smiles and her pretty dimple in her right cheek!
*She still adores bath time.  I can always count on a bath calming her down for a solid 15 minutes which seems like an eternity of happiness after a day long scream fest.
*There are so many more things she is doing/ loving but these are the ones I can think of right now.  She is changing so much that it is hard to keep track of every new thing she does!
I can't wait to see what month 3 brings!!


Erin R. said...

I love KB's 'talk to the hand' picture! She is such a bundle of cuteness! I can't wait till all this is figured out, she is going to be such a riotous Diva!

Megan and David said...

I hope you love your Ergo! I'm sure you will.

I can imagine that, besides feeling awful for your sweet baby, you are just ready for the non-stop crying to be over : ( That is miserable.

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