October 15, 2010

Our day in Pictures!

We have had a fun day at home today.  Kate slept from 10pm - 9 am last night and woke up super hungry.  After downing 4 ounces she went back to sleep for 2 more hours until she woke up starving again and downed another 3.5 hours.  

Can an 8 week old sleep too much?

I am kind of thinking she is going through a growth spurt as all she has wanted to do lately is eat, sleep, cry, repeat. 

She finally woke up and wanted to do a few activities this afternoon so we had some fun!

We started out with some tummy time.  Look at the head control!

Loved our swing mobile!

Sat in momma's lap while watching a PraiseBaby DVD.  I love these and so does Kate! 

If you aren't familiar, they are similar to Baby Einstein DVDs but are set to Praise and Worship music!

Sadie hung out with us

While Ollie played with his favorite lobster tug toy

After all of that, Kate decided it was time for another nap. 
My how life has changed when tummy time, swinging, and watching baby DVDs equally a successful, exciting day!


Megan and David said...

Look at her push that head up! Go Kate!

Lauren said...

Kate! You are so big! That's a good thing because your cousins (LaLa & Uncles, too) can't wait to see you and hug you!! We love you sweet girl! Ps..."bug" your mama about the mail, you should have something sew cute really soon!!!

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