October 6, 2010

Gymboree & Best Friends!

Kate and I attended our first Gymboree Baby & Me music class yesterday!  We loved it and enrolled in the class so this will be a weekly play date!

There were about 12 babies in the class yesterday ranging in age from 6.5 weeks (K) to 6 months.  Most of the older babies will be moving on to the level 2 class soon so the class will be much smaller in the near future. 

We had a blast singing songs, playing with bubbles, and watching the parachute hang over our heads!  We were so busy that I only got one picture during the actual class:

The adult make up of the class was, um, interesting.  There were 8 mommas there with their babies, two nannies there alone with the babies they nanny 9I loved that the nannies were getting the babies out), and then two mom/nanny combos.  The mom/nanny combos were weird to me.  These mothers sat in the background while their nannies participated in the class.  I was shocked - you can't sit on the floor and interact with your child for 45 minutes?  I guess different strokes for different folks (and hey this was in an uppity area in Houston so I should have expected it) but I just don't understand that mentality.

K did really well and didn't fuss much at all.  I need to time her eating schedule a bit better on Tuesdays because by the time the class was over she was ready to eat!  I snapped one more picture while putting her in her car seat before heading home for a bottle!  You can tell she was not wanting the camera in her face!

I'm really looking  forward to getting to know some of the women in the class - I felt like I hit it off with a handful of them and it is nice to know that I will have more mommy friends to hang out with!

As I was sitting down to post this I had to take a few pictures of Ollie and Kate.  He loves her so much and is like her shadow.  If we are doing tummy time he is on the floor right next to her.  If she is eating, he is sitting right next to me while I feed her.  If she is getting her diaper changed he is in the nursery right next to her changing table.  I just know they are going to be best buds!


Syl said...

Aww that puppy is totally smitten, isn't he? I am hoping ours is like that too.

Megan and David said...

I'm glad you like gymboree! It has been an awesome thing for us. And yes - the mom/nanny combo is very weird. If you aren't going to participate as the mom - why come at all? Goodness!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Your little girl is just precious!

And Go Dawgs!:)

~Brit said...

So glad you liked the class! I agree with the mom/nanny thing.... I don't get it?! I'm sure the nanny is thinking the same thing haha! I love that Ollie is so sweet with Kate. They will truly be best buds :)

Mama Fee said...

What a fun class! I can't wait to take Ella! I live in the Houston area too! I am in the Northern part! ;)

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