October 20, 2010

Crazy week

I have a lot of fun things to post about - especially Kate's two month post but it is all on the back burner.

Kate decided she wanted some excitement for turning two months. 

After crazy amounts of spit up/ vomit (we're talking 5-6 times after each bottle) I brought her to the pediatrician on Monday early afternoon.  After seeing the doctor, K started a lovely screamfest that last most of the afternoon and night.

We were sent for belly xrays yesterday and the films showed her stomach was very enlarged.  So, off the Texas Children's ER we went.  After waiting 9 hours, we had an ultrasound done to rule out Pyloric Stenosis.  Unfortunately the ultrasound results were iffy - probably because we weren't allowed to feed Kate so she was hungry and pissed that someone was jabbing and ultrasound wand into her gut. 

The ER sent us home without any answers which had me upset as we were told to "rush her" to the ER and that
"surgery would most likely happen within a few hours" when we left the pediatrician's office. 

So, we went back to the Peditrician this morning and she ordered lab work - which should have been done last night in the ER (don't even get me started on that).  The lab orders landed us back at Texas Children's for the third time in 24 hours.

We are waiting on results and will hopefully have a plan by this evening.  There is still a chance that Kate will be taken in for surgery at some point today/ tomorrow but, we won't know until we get these labs back.

I am trying to keep it together and am just praying that we have some answers soon. 

A sick baby is no fun.  A sick baby with no plani n place to get her better sucks even more.

Any thoughts and prayers are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm sending positive thoughts for little Kate. I hope her tummy issues are resolved soon, and without surgery. Take care.

Lauren said...

Lindsey, I am hoping that Kate doesn't need surgery, but rest assured that if she does, she's gonna be in great hands. The surgery for pyloric stenosis is quick, leaves a teeny incision, and she'll be eating hours afterward. Babies do great with this! Praying and thinking of ya'll!

Jennifer said...

I can imagine the fear that you must be feeling right now. I'm praying for you, your husband, and Kate. I hope that you get some answers soon and that whatever those answers involve, Kate will have quick healing and good health.

Unknown said...

Lord I pray for Kate and her family. I pray you will give her doctors wisdom and guidance. I pray they will discover the cause of her stomach concerns and work to resolve the pain and discomfort timely. I pray you will put your hands on her and her family and give them strength and comfort in this time of need. Amen

Syl said...

Sending all thoughts and rpayers your way. Hope she doesn't need the surgery but if she does, I hope her recovery is shrot and wonderful.

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