October 13, 2010

I have discovered the cuteness that is known as....

Baby shoes!

I think Alex is going to need to block from our web browser or we might end up in the poor house.

Free Shipping? 

Free return shipping (even though I probably wouldn't use that function)?

No need to fight the Galleria traffic?

Sign me up!

Look at how cute this stuff is:

Every girl needs gold shoes!

A bit more practical - these would be cute with K's little leggings and tunics!

We already have these cuties thanks to a family friend and cannot wait to wear them!

I really could spend all night looking at, and purchasing, baby shoes! 

Moms - what are your favorite brands of shoes for your kids?


Megan and David said...

I had never been to that site before! Cute!

You know my love of a squeaky shoe! I like We Squeaks and Squeaky Me's the best.

I also love Stride Rite now that she is a walker.

Lindsey B said...

Megan - they have shoes for us too. It is a dangerous site!

I saw some super cute Collegiate squeaky shoes the other day. Google Team Squeaks - maybe you can get Paige some OU squeaky shoes!

Syl said...

I've heard really good things about the Robeez, got 3 of them already for the kid.

~Brit said...

I adored Pedipeds when Madelyn just began to walk! They were precious on her :) You always find the best sites!!

Unknown said...

PediPeds hands down.

Livie & Luca, Gracious May, trumpette, umi, see kai run...

God- the list goes on.

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