October 21, 2010

Our adventure in pictures...

First off, we heard back about Kate's lab work around 8:30 last night.  Her levels do not indicate Pyloric Stenosis.  One of her levels was elevated so we will most likely repeat blood work tomorrow - so that will mean another day waiting at TCH.

So while we are elated that surgery is no longer in the future, we are still stressed about what is going on.  I've started tracking everything she does (feeds, quantity, how many times and how much she spits up, her temperament, etc) so that I have the information when we get in to see a specialist and so that hopefully we will see some improvement soon. 

So, here is our adventure in iPhone pictures.

Being a little diva on the xray table.  She was great until we had to hold her arms and legs down for the actual xray - she was not happy about that.

Taking a little nap while waiting for the xray results.

All checked in at the ER (after hearing about her enlarged stomach).  Getting one last bottle before the "she may be in surgery tonight" starvation began.

Not very happy about her ultrasound.  This was one of the most miserable things she has had done so far.  Due to my heart condition, I had ultrasounds done of my heart regularly as a child - so I know how uncomfortable it is to have a tech jab that wand into your belly.  And, they didn't even warm the gel up - I felt so bad for her (yet had time to take a picture - I wanted to document it all).

Not a very flattering picture but this was taken yesterday after we headed back to TCH for the third time to get labs drawn.  Look at her little bandage.  Her blood draw was horrible.  Think of the newborn heel prick and then think about squeezing her poor little heel to fill a vial of blood nstead of just 5 little circles on a piece of paper.  So sad.

I am going to take her 2 month pictures today and will post all of that tonight or tomorrow!


A style blog said...

Poor Kate. I know how tough it must be to see her suffering and going through all this. I wish you guys the best. I hope they figure out whats wrong soon. Meanwhile, I'll keep her in my prayers.

Megan and David said...

I am so glad that surgery isn't necessary! But I do sure hope they get some things figured out for you soon.

Poor little bug - that bandage looks too grown-up : (

Paige had a spinal ultrasound as a baby and it was awful, I know how sad that must have made you.

She is just as precious as ever, though!!

Kristin said...

The heel prick is definitely awful! Vivian had to have a vial drawn daily for 3 consecutive days after we came home from the hospital (to have her bili checked). The first day she was pretty dehydrated (my mil hadn't come in) and it took them >5 minutes to fill the vial! By the time they were finished she had caused all the babies in the office to scream bloody murder!

I hope you guys get a lot of answers soon. I've been thinking about you - I can't imagine the stress you're going through! Praying they get you in with the specialist SOON!

Syl said...

Look at her through it all! She looks like such a little trooper. Hope you guys get some answers soon.

Momma Wilson said...

poor y'all, I hate that you're going through this. hope you get some answers soon, praying for you!

Melissa said...

Aw poor Kate and poor mama! I'm glad she doesn't seem to need surgery though. Hopefully you'll get a resolution soon!

Erin R. said...

I hate that you all had such a rough few days. But I am so thankful that KB did not have to be rushed into surgery! Hoping today is better than yesterday.

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