October 11, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!!!

We had a great, but busy, weekend!

Thursday afternoon one of my best friends and her husbands landed in Houston for a visit and to watch our Bulldogs play!  We had several other friends come in over the course of the weekend and had a blast tailgating for the game.

We spent all day Friday shopping and running errands.  Kate did great out and about!  I even did my first diaper change in the cargo area of my SUV - much easier/ cleaner/ nicer than the majority of the public bathrooms that were close by! 

Erin, Brent, Alex, and I headed to Spec's (a huge liquor store in Houston) after Alex got off work to pick up some things for the game.  While there, we ran in to some of our other friends that were in town.  After I got over the slight embarrassment that 5 of our sweet friends were meeting my baby girl in a liquor store, we visited for a few minutes before picking dinner up from our favorite Mexican place.  After dinner we headed over to Andrew & Julia's house (who were so kind as to host about 8 people that were in town for the game) for a quick meet the baby session!

Everyone went out to a local bar but Kate and I came home and went to bed!

Saturday we all got up and got ready for the tailgate!  I wish I took pictures but I was just too busy with the baby.  I did save all of Erin's pictures so I do have a few to share!

Baby's gotta eat!

Sporting a precious State dress!  Go Dawgs!

My little MSU family!

With Auntie EB!  K was a diva and did a wardrobe change mid-tailgate!  She was just
not comfy in her dress - it was cute but HUGE so we put her in a little State onesie!

As we were leaving for the airport, I realized that Erin and I didn't take a single picture together.  So, I had Brent take one with my phone. I look super tired and it isn't the best quality but at least we have one!

This picture is super funny - if you were at our tailgate.  I know Erin, Lauren, and several others
will instantly know what I am talking about and find what makes this picture golden!

Kate and I didn't go to the game and I am SO glad that I made that decision.  She did great at the tailgate but after 6 hours outside, she was in no shape to sit through a football game.   We came home and she had a major meltdown.  A bath, bottle, and swaddle later, she was sound asleep!

Overall, the weekend was a huge success!  I can't wait to take Kate to Starkville to see the Bulldogs play next year!!


Megan and David said...

Looks like fun! I love a baby's first tailgate picture : )

Lauren said...

so good to see you. and thank you. thank you for those boots.

Mama Fee said...

Hey! Here are nursery pics:

Also email me at if you need anything!!

P.S. Looks like yall had a fun weekend!!

Lindsay said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

Erin R. said...

That weekend was so much fun! I can't wait to have you all visit Huntsville! Between the Gold G's, yard rolling with rock in hand,and the cracked out cab driver that insisted we call him Playa...I don't think that weekend will ever be forgotten! Way to set the bar Houston!

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