October 12, 2010

Being a Bulldog is cute thanks to Mimi!!

Kate and I got a package in the mail today with several goodies! 

My sister found a cute maroon and white shirt for me, my mom sent K a pretty green outfit that we can wear when it gets cooler again (what's up with a high in the 90s this week?), she made two cute doxie burp cloths, and she also made K a Mississippi State tutu and bow! 

We had to have a photo shoot to show off the tutu!  I need to brush up on my photography skills so I can get some better pictures - it is hard to get good ones of a little baby that doesn't sit up yet!

Look at those lashes!  They have grown like crazy over the past week and are beautiful!

Almost a smile!  And look at that tutu!!  So presh!

Big, bright eyes that are getting more and more blue every day!

Would be cuter if her eye wasn't smashed - but it shows the tutu and bow!  Hail State!

We will have more Mimi creations to share in the next few weeks - Mimi is making K's Halloween costume!


Momma Wilson said...

those are precious!

Janis said...

Makes me want to open an Etsy store!! Mimi

Megan and David said...

OMG when Paige and Kate meet they can both wear their red and white tutus! I love it!!

I can't wait to see the little thing's Halloween costume! I bet it will be adorable!

Melissa said...

That's just INSANELY cute!

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