October 18, 2010

Pear Tree Greetings - A Very Thankful Give Away!

It's that time again - time for another Pear Tree Greetings giveaway!

This month's giveaway is all about the Thank You!  Remember all of those beautiful new Christmas cards I reviewed a few weeks ago?  Well, PTG has just completed the 2010 Holiday Collection with some awesome Christmas Thank You notes that coordinate with the beautiful Holiday cards. 

I am a big believer in hand written thank you notes.  My mom forced  kindly encouraged my siblings and I to properly thank friends, family, and relatives for any gifts we received and kind deeds done for us.  So, taking a few minutes out of my day (which has been occupied with a screaming baby lately - but I'll save that for a different time) to hand write and thank you note has always been important to me.

I hate that the art of hand written notes, especially thank you notes, has fallen to the back burner for most.

I will be giving away a set (up to 16 cards) of PTG Thank You cards to one lucky reader.  The winner will be able to select a set of holiday thank yous, baby shower thank yous, or every day thank yous!

To enter:
*Leave a comment letting me know why you love writing thank you notes
*For an addition entry - leave a second comment letting me know what
you would order if you were to win

All entries must be made by 5pm CST on Thursday, October 21.  I will select the winner Thursday night and announce on Friday.  Be sure to leave your email address in your comment.  If I am unable to get in touch with the winner within 24 hours I will select a new winner!

Also, stop by the new Pear Tree Greeting promo code page to see the latest ways to save on your PTG orders!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a new follower and have really enjoyed reading your journey. Your daughter is beautiful.
I love writing thank you cards because it seems so much more personal that a FB message or a quick email.
weazy27 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I would order the black and pink personalized thank you cards.
weazy27 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Karen Torres said...

I think people who receive personal thank you notes are made to feel appreciated, especially when you write a personal note from the heart. I encourage the grandkids who live with me to even make their own. I would definitely purchase cards from Pear Tree because I love what you have chosen so far.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I've been following this blog since we "met" on thebump and actually I'm getting ready to purchase a slew of pear tree cards as thank you gifts. I love the rush you get when you check the mail and find a card tucked in between bills and junk mail :)
allison dot dossett at gmail dot com

Jennifer said...

I'm a huge note card freak. I have a tote full of different kinds of cards to randomly send people. I find that it really makes their day because (as you said) no one really does things like that anymore. These days we mainly just get bills in the mail, so to get a handwritten note is really special! I also love to send thank you notes in particular because it's also how I was raised and I just wouldn't feel right not doing it and also because I know that it really shows a heart of gratitude. If someone went out of their way to do something for me the least I can do is let them know how much I appreciated it.

LMCaudill said...

I LOVE receiving handwritten thank you notes, so that's why I send them. I figure everyone else loves receiving them as much as I do, so I love making someone else's day.

Katie B said...

I love thank you cards! I love to keep a stock pile at home so I always have some on hand. Anytime I can get something new, unique and beautiful, I jump to grab them!

email: katiebannan at yahoo dot com

Kristin said...

I am glad I'm not the only one who loves to send thank you notes! I think they're a great way to show appreciation - and who doesn't love getting "real" mail? My mom forced me to write them as a kid and I will be passing that on to my daughter as well!

Kristin said...

I'd order the falling snowflake thank you cards! Or the multicolor tree thank yous..too many cute options!!

Amanda and Sterling said...

One of my favorite parts of the day is coming home to check the mail and I get so excited when I receive something from someone I love, so I try to do the same thing to make others' day as well!

I've been secretly reading your blog for sometime now and have been very encouraged by your story!

Amanda and Sterling said...

For everyday, I would order "Moss Diamond Stamp" but am going to be needing some baby thank you notes as well. Don't find out boy/girl for 2 more weeks, "All Things Baby" in Pink for a girl and Blue for a boy

Catherine said...

I love to get mail...and I love great stationary, personalized thankyou notes are truly a special way to thank someone and let them know what they did was much better than a random store bought one. If I was to order, I would definately buy a personalized thank you ones!

Erin said...

I love writing a thank you note expecially when a physical gift was not given. It might be for some kind words or a phone call at a time when I needed a lift that are helpful to me. I send a note so my friend can know how much the time they spent talking with me means to me.

Erin said...

forgot to leave my e-mail...

P.S. I would order baby shower thank you's if I were to win.

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