January 31, 2013

2013 Goals: Status Update

I posted about my 2013 goals earlier this month. I've decided that I'll do a monthly recap of my status in order to hold myself accountable! I've grouped goals together in four categories: Blogging, Family, Photography, and Reading in hopes of making my status updates more organized and cohesive! I'm sure I will have months where I don't do so well in certain categories but, I'm hoping that come December 31, 2013, I will have met (and possibly exceeded) all of my goals!

I've done a decent job with blogging more consistently (hello four days in a row this week)! But I still haven't updated my tabs up top (maybe this weekend?) nor have I recapped things like Christmas and Disney. Can I mark this as a 1Q13 action item? It makes my former, pre SAHM self excited to see such a Corporate America deadline!

I am doing fantastic with packing Alex's lunch. Mainly because he's had so many work lunch events and I only have to remember to make his lunch about 2-3 times a week. But hey? He is consistently eating lunch (which he wasn't before I starting packing food for him) either due to me or the Company! That's a win in my book!

I can't even remember the last time I left the house by myself - but Alex and I did have a date night this month! So I'll count a kid free night as a break! I really need to work on this one.

Kate and I have had a handful of mommy and Kate dates this month which were so wonderful. I forgot how much I loved one on one time with my sweet girl. It may have just been to the grocery (thankfully she LOVES the grocery) but an hour of time with my big girl is so good for my soul!

I've done so good with actually using my real camera! I pulled it out 10 times this month (took pictures 1/28 but haven't uploaded them yet). Proof!

Side note: After having a hard drive crash, I am OCD about backing up pictures. I save to my computer and external hard drive every.single.time I upload. Then, once a month, I back up my external to a second external hard drive. I also upload my favorite pictures to Photobucket so I have an online, full file size back up as well!

I haven't done much to increase my knowledge of Photoshop but I'm hoping to take an online class with one of my favorite (and sadly non-local) photographers - Maxine of Grace Photography - before Will is admitted for transplant!

As of today, I have finished 7.5 books this year which means I am 15% complete for the year! If I keep up this pace, I will exceed my goal! Here's what I've read:

I am hoping to finish Beautiful Chaos tonight so I can officially have 8 books under my belt this month but, there's a good chance it won't be marked complete until next month!

How are y'all doing with your 2013 goals?

I find I am so good in January and February but then start to fall off the grid. Let's keep each other accountable this year and meet the goals we've set!


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Kaysie said...

I really like the idea of making husband his lunch. I'll be off on maternity leave for five months so maybe I'll attempt that. Mine eats out all the time for lunch so hopefully that'll save some $$ in the process! :)

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